Friday, May 14, 2021


Things did not go well this last year and I'm afraid it doesn't bode well for most of the legacy media, academics, scientists and other frauds. You may wonder how I can say that with a straight face and I assure you that it is straight. It's really pretty easy. I, like you, know a thing or two about science. I know the fundamental truth of all things to start with and that one is the simplest truth there ever was. 'There is no science in gaining the opinion of ignorant idiots and collectively declaring that the consensus of such opinion makes the science undeniable.' This was hammered home over the last year as everyone caved into the lunacy of wearing face masks in order to prevent the spread of a virus. That's bad. Let's look at why.

1. The CDC burned all credibility thoroughly to the ground this time even worse than when they declared it perfectly safe to bring patients suffering from the deadliest surviving disease known to mankind into the United States for treatment of ebola. There is, by the way, no treatment for ebola. 2. Having the CDC expert scientist physicians declare masks the order of the day after first declaring it a dumb idea, the entire medical profession, doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharma, teaching hospitals, and every other organ of medical knowlege went along with the CDC and nobody demurred at the advice being forced on all Americans. I don't recall a single one of those losers rearing up and stating the simple fact that masks like the ones we wear today don't stop things as small as a virus. You may follow the endless canniptions as they try to explain that virus moves as an aerosol or droplet but then, why would anybody believe them? 3. Everyone that wants to can see what real virologists wear for respiratory protection when working with deadly virus. It's fully contained breathing apparatus that has a 100% seal to the face much like a firefighters respirator. If one little virus isn't that dangerous you have to ask yourself, why? Why do they say face masks were going to work for you and me? 4. One thing known for decades to kill virus and render it more harmless is simple sunlight and yet the CDC and all the other medical professionals ordered people to stay out of the sun and die in the dark, alone.

The shoe is going to drop soon when the Maricopa County recount is complete and shows a vast/huge discrepancy between the number of ballots and the number of votes counted. We will slowly start to see how a man who seldom left the basement somehow garned 10,000,000 more votes than the popularly elected President Trump who, in his second campaign won even more votes than in the first election. That is bad news for the credibility of the:

1. County and State election officials who ignored the evidence of the eyes and simply accepted the massive fraud perpetuated by the major cities and the democrat machine that utterly buggered the vote. 2. It's not going to do anything good for the rule of Law as the Courts lose whatever grace they once had to the simple failure to follow up and act to prevent massive vote fraud from carrying an election against the will of the people. 3. It cannot damage the media too much since they have universally burned their credibility with Americans forever. You have to wonder what kind of simpleton watches the news and believes anything they hear from the media and also those who follow things like Washington Week in Review, NPR and PBS. They simply don't tell the truth but far worse than that is that they overtly lie and also lie by ommission.

Academics, teachers, professors didn't come off well in this matter either. In fact, they are some of the worst and they dynamited credibility beyond repair in most cases. The smart ones know that the masking and social distancing for a virus whose main effect was on the elderly and those with serious underlying conditions would have little to no effect on students or their instructors and yet they were the first to peel off and declare the good of society was of no use to them. The teachers union and their politicians to this day refuse to go back to work and teach the young which devestated the families with working parents who either had to stay home with children or .....

Politicians are slimy creatures and they beslimed themselves as never before. Watching the politically mandated charades in California where cops arrested a single man out paddle boarding on the open ocean for violating the stay in the dark orders of a bunch of panicked losers and then watching the cops try to chase down joggers for the crime of jogging alone in the sunlight.....Yeah.

Cops didn't come off very well either although probably better here than in the great nazi north where the Canadian cops are battering down church doors to get at the worshippers and drag them off to spend the night in jail for violating the BS orders of ignorant idiots.

It didn't have to be the law that took this hit and in some places it didn't take any hits at all. In the sane states and localities that simply blew off the CDC and the mandates from on high about staying alone in the dark and wearing masks 24/7 the people and the law did OK. It's in the rest of America that locked the people down for over a year without them ever doing anything to earn such a judicial verdict that brought about the flouting of the law and with it the burning of the bluer and stupider and more credulous cities.

So a virus just a little bit more dangerous than the ordinary flu to 98% of Americans resulted in a destroyed economy and the election of a fraud by a host of frauds and the destruction of any respect for the medical profession which remained silent and the CDC which lied and lied and lied and the teachers and educators who failed and the politicians and media who led the witchunts that led us to this point.

Good going guys. If you ever want to look up how civilizations die, just look at the actions of those above and see how the death of credibility leads to the death of every aspect of western civilization. What lay at the very heart of western civilization was trust and it just got pissed away.


  1. Until NObama, the official policy was DON'T LET PEOPLE INTO AMERICA WITH EBOLA !!!!
    That worked.

  2. Well said. That pretty much described the whole s**tshow. As a former MD, I can say the mask BS is best summarized by noting the virus is smaller than the effective electrostatic filter aperture of a N95 mask. Unfortunately, the virus is not polarized. It’s like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence. A cotton mask can stop some spittle, but that’s about it.

    1. They magicked medicine and masks. Fauci really let the MD side down with all his equivicating and lying. "We don't know" is always an acceptable response instead of just making shit up. He forgot that.