Saturday, May 22, 2021


Some friends suggested we pay a visit to Ikea in Pittsburgh. Here in metroparkcentralis we can get Ikea in Detroit, Pittsburgh or Columbus. I suspect I wouldn't like to know what reasons were put forward to refuse building one in Cleveland. It was a pleasant drive on a very pleasant day and the store was just as remembered. As with Socrates at the market, "how many things there are which I do not need." We made it out with a wooden spoon and two duvets. We made the mistake of eating there though, and that's not an experience I will ever repeat. I am reminded about my experiences in the Amry, Air Force and Navy cafeterias. Starting in Pensacola and perhaps ending at Patrick AFB in Florida the experiences ranged from good to not good. One of the things you come to know as a JO is the dining in dining facilities, EDF, the galley, etc. You get to eat there and then fill out a report on the meal for the skipper's close scrutiny. Good skippers stay on top of the food quality. Ikea, not so much.

I found it interesting that none of us wore masks and while perhaps 95% of the patrons and employees in Ikea were wearing masks nobody asked us to wear one and not one single Karen came up to us to berate us. OTGH, as we got home I remarked that this was likely the first time I had every spent a day out without talking to anybody new. I usually make small talk with interesting people.

To top off the day we watched the movie, The Manchurian Candidate. The new one oviously. The acting was well enough done but the movie itself was just a disaster of too much everything and the post production sound/volume team were probably stoned or drinking because it ranged all over the spectrum. As a friendly warning to others, don't eat the pulled pork sandwich at Ikea.


capt fast said...

Yes., stick with the Swedish meatballs. as they say in Sweden, easy in and easy out.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

I have only ever been to the Ikea in Minneapolis. The hot dogs, and lingonberry juice were quite good.