Saturday, May 15, 2021


I'd like to learn more from the men behind the Space X phenomena. The engineers who designed and built the rockets, engines, control systems, software, test protocols and built the teams that made the Falcon what it is. They are the people with the right stuff across the board and yet they aren't known to me and they should be. I don't need the hagiography but I would like some insight because they all undertook a massive departure from spec when they came into existance to build a space rocket company to put things and people in orbit and to strike for Mars. They have already achieved a commercial fractional orbital bombardment system. Imagine if they put a bunch of anti-fa or Khan Academy teachers in their next rocket mission to land somewhere exotic!!! They could do the same with a disease and stand the whole world of free pratique on its head but somebody has to.


SlowWalker said...

To build spaceships like the ones in the early 20th century sci-fi books -- ah, that is indeed engineering!

HMS Defiant said...

Yo! You take off from our Texas field and land anywhere you want.

OK! Hawaii. I hope it goes well.