Monday, May 18, 2020


I had to laugh when I saw this from The Babylon Bee.

What makes it hilarious is that the White House correspondents shower have been moaning and complaining for months that they no longer get fed the news by the press secretary but have to hear it from the President himself during his scores of unscripted free-for-all impromptu press conferences and no longer had the chance to snipe at the press secretary who they have long believed lives in fear of them. Yes, very funny.

She started stripping them of their faux dignity and upright moral posture the moment she stepped into the room. Losers.

They literally had no idea that she is about 40 times smarter than all of them put together.


capt fast said...

there is a very good reason the briefing room is so desolate. she is it. What poltroon of the press would want to be in a room with a lioness awaiting the squeak of the mouse under her paw. she awaits the questions and asks back "haven't you been listening to what I just said, jackass?". you will note that reporters do not go into a grand soliloquy when they ask a question because they know it will backfire on the questioner; something like, "isn't that your job to go find out these things?" Kayleigh is a precious gift to journalism in today's world where editors have forgotten their jobs consist of keeping reporters honest about what they report.

Glenn555 said...

AND....She ain't very hard on the eyes either!

capt fast said...

I get the feeling that the FLOTUS vets all the women in the Trump administration as she has a set standard of grooming and probably wants her husband to know that it is easy to identify a liberal woman by her looks. conservative minded women usually care about their appearance in public and don't wish to look like ten miles of bad road. It really helps to respect Kayleigh that she has a useful mind filled with facts and she goes into the press room with a plan of action like a warrior going into battle.