Saturday, May 23, 2020


This article from the New York Post establishes the government's position on Americans as citizens or denizens in the state of New York. They're prey animals to be fed on and sucked dry of life and wealth at the whim of a merciless bureaucracy devoted exclusively to squeezing the blood out of those unfortunate enough to dwell there.
City building inspectors are running speed trap-style operations to catch contractors violating a coronavirus ban on “non-essential” construction work — and to slap homeowners with maximum, $10,000 fines, The Post has learned.
A Department of Buildings inspector spent at least 45 minutes Tuesday morning staked out at the intersection that leads to the ritzy Douglas Manor neighborhood in northwestern Queens. 
“I’m an elevator guy normally but they got us all doing this now,” the inspector told The Post. 
With the road traffic down due to the government ordering everybody but your actual criminals to be locked up in perpetuity, they are losing gobs of revenue $ they usually soak up from speeding tickets and parking violations so they have to find other ways to pay the governor's salary and came up with the idea of making everything a crime. 

I'm familiar with the term 'oxygen thieves' but I saw a new one an hour ago; flightless mosquitos. I think that sounds far more appropriate for the kind of bureaucrat who devotes his life to going out of his or her way to screw over the ordinary people and workers. George Orwell really nailed the performance of the people and government in times like this with both his books, Animal Farm and 1984. He really knew his government bureaucrats and what kind of bloodsuckers they inevitably turn into when left to metastasize and marinate in the dark.

Kids, if you really want to make money and do little to no actual work for it, get a job with the city, county or state bureaucracy and stay there for the lifetime pension and benefits that are triple what the little people who don't work for government make. Or, you could invent something really cool and have google buy it from you for millions of dollars. The first one is a sure thing up until the Revolution then all bets are off.

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minions of the additional revenue nazis