Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Well the virus hit home today with a brutal blow. My barber who has been running her barbershop on Larchmere for decades, sent out an email today to all her loyal customers, some of whom still come all the way from Maine to have her cut their hair, announcing that after thinking it over she has decided not to re-open her shop. Now I have to find someone else and that's brutal after years of getting a perfect hair cut after decades of simply taking whatever resulted when clippers were waved in the vicinity of my scalp.

ripped off from ace of spades and it rings so true
Anybody know a good barber in or around metroparkcentralis?


MSG Grumpy said...

No, I don't know of a "Good" barber near your Home Station...
But I can be of some help...
During the shutdown I had gotten shaggy enough that I asked my wife to cut my hair. Please be aware that I married her because she is beautiful and has a kind and Loving heart.
She does NOT have any skills at all when it comes to cutting hair (unfortunately). As a matter of fact I've seen better chop jobs by a blind man swinging a gas powered trimmer at a Llama.

However, this is good news for you -
as now you know who to avoid.
In a country of 330 million, using the process of elimination...
You are now one step closer to finding a good barber.

No thanks are needed for this valuable service I give you,
But if you could, when you do find a good barber,
Please let me know.

MSG Grumpy

Tsquared said...

I have gone back to the haircut I got almost 40 years ago in basic training...

capt fast said...

virtue signaling.
there is a governor on the east coast that publicly proclaimed that now, now we are wearing face masks to show solidarity with health care workers and first responders. pretty much puts paid to the idea that we are wearing face masks to avoid getting. sick so, yes we are wearing face masks to virtue signal.