Friday, May 15, 2020


I won't excerpt the open letter written by Sidney Powell since it is only a single page of rather concentrated venom directed at Obama and well worth your time to read. It outlines the very egregious and outrageous misconduct carried out by the unconvicted felons at the FBI, DOJ and White House during Obama's presidency and after as they fought to tear down General Flynn and launch a coup d'etat against President Trump.

I find it hard to believe Attorney General Barr didn't throw McCabe in front of a Grand Jury and then subject him to trial and jail which he richly deserves.


capt fast said...

Sidney Powell had several telling points I find myself in agreement with. But to say she has the endall of vitriol and venom towards all involved with the actions leading up to the mess created by Obama and his minions is to degrade by orders of magnitude the level of passion and disgust the American people have over the downright hate the Obama administration displayed for those who love and cherish the ideals of the United States Constitution.
That all those minions eventually will arrive at the gates of hell itself may have Satan asking God what he has done to deserve the punishment of having to breathe the same air as those Obama minions.
That the disgust Ms. Powell displayed in her writing is just and deserved by those minions of Obama and all the followers of that sad piece of shit. I try to remember that there are Citizens out in the world of men and women who have a level of distrust of much of Government actions and bureaucrats thinking. The People have only one power over the government and that is the Vote. The majority of the country Voted to reject Obama and his minions policies by Constitutional means. The permanent government operatives and minions of one political party in the DOJ and intelligence and law enforcement organs had rejected the results of that election and took illegal actions to negate that vote. Clearly, someone must be held accountable, or in the words of a certain pig on the farm, some of us are more equal than others.

capt fast said...

I am slowly overcoming that ingrained an trained requirement for short concise sentence structure. I find it difficult in my old age to just say Obama and his minions should justr fuckoff and die like the scumbags they are. that's about as short and concise as I can make it.