Saturday, May 2, 2020


I get lured into reading some lurid history of the second World War and it is all because the vicious monster PM of Britain did it. I find myself reading it and even wondering if there is anything to this fabrication of history which portrays Hitler as a good guy and manages to deny the holocaust ever happened and pretty much blame Churchill for everything awful that happened in the 20th century.

It's kind of scary. We as a nation no longer teach history, government, civics or English as a language in which one can revel. I'm not sure what they teach in the government day care facilities called schools, which are all closed now with nobody at all complaining about the loss of all those 'educational opportunities' that will unblight the lives of countless murdering saints and their girl friends. If they ever served a national purpose it was hundreds of years ago. No American student alive right now could answer the question, what was The Maine and why did that end in a war. Srsly, you ask people now if we ever fought a war against Spain and 99.9% would say, no. They never heard of Dewey at Manila and they have no idea how we let our idealistic idiocy get wildly out of control and create the mess that is Cuba.

I also read this morning that the Greens have come to see the utter stupidity of their lost and forlorn cause to get civilization to stop. I don't say this lightly. They did, as the communists did, everything in their power to gut civilization but it looks now like they lost out. There's a book over there on the other side of the room I've had for decades. It's the only one that survived 30 moves. It was written not in the last century but the one before and talks of a man and his reserve buddies, carrying swords into battles against union mobs. So yeah, written in 1880 or thereabouts. It too features long diatribes about capitalists, capitalism, bloodsuckers and that sort of thing. Oddly the title features, 'The Honorable' and you may make of that what you will.

Those weren't the dark decades of America. I'm not sure what were. It was back when the railroad barons were capitalizing the country and building transportation coast to coast and to just about every little town and village in between. Try to imagine if the government today tried that. Yep, it would be decades of I-80 torn to pieces for decade after decade while PENDOT did it's horrible thing or the now ruined I-5 running through the heart of California. Most people never make it over the Grapevine and don't know that the central artery of the most productive state in the union is naught but a mass of potholes half a mile deep until you get to San Jose, which isn't even on the 5.


Captain Steve said...

My personal theory is that over the years, the drive to find a "New" and controversial subject for a Master's Thesis or PhD Dissertation has driven academe into ludicrous extremes in those areas. That wouldn't be so bad--mind stretching should be a part of education--but they actually accepted such speculation as revised truth, and then spouted it out in classes. Combine that with the nitwit PC and SJ movements and voila!

Anne Bonney said...

I concur