Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Lovely piece of racism right out of the NYT. I read it because I am a masochist. In essence, it talks about blood. I'm not one of those hundred million gallon doners but there is one thing I notice whenever and wherever I give blood to those blooodsuckers.

There are exactly zero blacks.

Zero asians.

The nation's blood supply comes from guys like me.

There are almost never any women either.

Obviously, I need to go to different places or at different times.


Brig said...

That's interesting, honestly never noticed that there were no blacks or asians, but you are right. I've given in a variety of states and it has been mostly women that I see.

Captain Steve said...

I used to give regularly, but then was in the UK during the mid 1980s, which appears to have permanently disqualified me from donation due to Mad Cow Disease. For the record, while I could donate I was either on active duty or at my post retirement job(s) with the Commonwealth of Virginia. In the former case there were few, if any, women---as you might suspect, but proportional representation from Blacks. In the latter, proportional right across the board.

HMS Defiant said...

My better half advises me that perhaps we all give blood in places that are familiar/comfortable to us. I donate at the local libraries or hospitals although I have done it at the Red Cross home office in downtown metroparkcentralis but still, I have to say I stand by what I wrote above.

HMS Defiant said...

If you're still interested, I too was denied for awhile because, 'in the UK' but that uniform ban has been revised which is why I'm able to donate again. You might try looking up the latest list of bans at the redcross.

Tsquared said...

The first time I donated after Desert Storm I got a letter from the Red Cross telling me they never wanted me to donate again.