Monday, October 14, 2019


Hey Kids!

Let's go fight against our NATO ally Turkey on behalf of zillions of Kurdish terrorists who have been attacking and killing Turks for centuries!

More at Yet another zealous attempt to force us into a war not of our making.

This would join the long War on Poverty, War on Drugs, War on Grammar, etc.


capt fast said...

gotta admit the turks did a job on the armenians. why leave out the kurds? don't know why these folks all hate each other with such passion, and it is probably better for me that way. I have turkish friends and a few kurds second generation are living down the street. all are reasonable people and educated. all is well until they each acknowledge one another and then...fights on. unbelievable.
my neighborhood surprises me quite often.

HMS Defiant said...

Way back in college, I read the 40 days of Musadagh. And yeah, I know what they are. They are not our friends,