Wednesday, October 30, 2019


There are some things that happen where it's like one is hit by a bolt of lightning and Wildfire erupts near Reagan library in Southern California is one such event. The story is from the AP so I take it all with grain of salt the size of Utah but the wack jobs out there in California are well known for using fire as their most infernal method for expressing their political will. After all, they're socialists and firmly believe that the ends justify the means.


RGRANT said...

First thing I thought when I heard the story

SCOTTtheBADGER said...


HMS Defiant said...

Kind of rescue goats! We had some alpacas and their minder (llama) maintaining a bit of shorefront here for awhile. They ate everything down to reasonable length and then moved on. There was a great sign on the fence advising people that the alpacas were OK since the llama keeps them safe from predators. Lake Erie is not the lake it used to be so I'm not sure what kind of predators they meant but llamas have a hasty way with bad dogs.