Monday, October 14, 2019


CNN has way more than a little bias problem. CNN has revealed itself, its management and its 'talent' as wholly in the bag for the democratic party and they declared war on Republicans, libertarians and the ordinary workers of America. I agree with some of the comments at the link and I think that every minute of CNN broadcast ought to be counted as electioneering for democratic party idiocy and that it should either be factored into campaign costs or those demonized by CNN should be given equal time to rebut the tsunami of outright lies and misdirection that originate in all CNN broadcasts.

Zucker gets it exactly backwards and too stupid and blind to know it or see it.
Fox News sprang into being when Rupert Murdoch found that about 50% of America wanted a more news focused news show that wasn't simply a rundown of the democratic party's talking points and wasn't a shill for every American-hating buffoon in Hollywood, New York or Washington, DC.

UPDATE: And just look at the morons at ABC who lied about everything and got caught.

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