Friday, October 13, 2017


A number of Americans have been evacuated, again, from Cuba. Americans working in our embassy there have been suffering from some sort of acoustic attack directed at both the embassy and specific workers there. The State Department professes profound cluelessness about how their people were deafened or attacked in Cuba.

Here's a clue.

Back when I was working at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command in San Diego, I went to LRAD's offices and we got a pretty good demo when they first went  public with their system which they proposed as a form of area denial non-lethal weapon. The sound is projected from the dish and while it is not as focused as a laser beam, it is channelled and remarkably loud at enormous ranges. We were looking at using them later for venue security at the Greek Olympics and set up a couple in our offices in Old Town. It's a pretty cool system and I don't see why it wouldn't work above the audible frequencies we can hear and still create considerable damage to the ear and nervous system.

Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) For Police Crowd Control
  1. Highly intelligible communication up to 3,000 meters
  2. Safely communicates beyond standoff distances to determine intent
  3. Variable beam width for extended coverage
  4. Clear, long range, directional communication
  5. Establishes instant acoustic standoff perimeter

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