Monday, October 16, 2017


I read the Sunday New York Times, well, glance at it. I was amazed to find that the Book Review started out with a review of Ron Chernow's book, Grant and authored by no less than Bill Clinton. It appeared to be a fairly good review of the book and showed some familiarity with both Grant and what Chernow wrote. For those unfamiliar the New York Times Book Review, actually reading or skimming the reviewed book is done far less often than you might think and many of the reviewers just make stuff up or go with what they think they know about the subject at hand.

I did like one of the photographs included with the review. God only knows where it came from but see for yourself.

The unidentified men are clearly Russians. Who else hangs out with republicans?

I found that Grant in his own words was a good start to finding out more about the man. You can download his autobiography at: gutenberg press.

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