Friday, October 13, 2017


I am copying and pasting some information from the The author has looked at the actual timeline of the attack using information from both police and non-police sources. With as much backing up and restating and qualifying and frankly, lying, I thought it was worth describing the issues some people have with the police lack of response to the killer who they knew was in that hotel room shooting at a huge crowd of innocent people for over an hour.
At 9:59 p.m., Campos (e.d. The unarmed security guard above) was shot in the leg after Paddock fired 200 shots into the hallway. Paddock began shooting into the crowd six minutes later, contradicting original reports that Campos’ arrival is what stopped Paddock’s mass shooting.
Between the time that Campos was shot and Paddock began shooting, Campos notified authorities of what happened, which Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said Friday was “absolutely critical” as it gave police Paddock’s exact location.
 **** you Kevin McMahill.  Your ******n department is directly responsible for the deaths of these people because your officers are cowards. 
Those primped-up clowns up-armored, up-armed and then sat in the ****ing stairway for over an hour despite knowing this dickhead was loaded up and actively shooting innocent, unarmed and defenseless civilians from above. 
The cops sat on their asses while the gunman shot and killed all the people in the crowd despite having every ability to stop it before it ever happened while knowing exactly where he was. 
When these cowards finally blew the door open to the suite the shooter had ceased shooting (presumed dead of a self-inflicted gunshot) for roughly an hour.  Their "action" consisted of showing up to mop up his blood and sweep up his cartridges.  They saved exactly zero lives and took exactly zero effective actions to end or otherwise limit the assault.  They might have actually saved at least one life if they had gone into the crowd and attempted to stabilize those who had been shot rather than prance around in their body armor and play TV-style SWAT. 
LET ME SAY IT AGAIN IN CASE YOU MISSED IT THE FIRST TIME: The effective actions of the police with regard to stopping the jackass during this incident number an exact zero.  They are ALL outrageously arrogant, cowardly *******s in that they posed for photos instead of apologizing and offering to resign for their utter failure to do one single effective thing with all the money, equipment and alleged "training" the people of Las Vegas and the State of Nevada have showered upon them in anticipation of exactly this sort of event.  The onlything those ****heads cared about was getting their ******n pension and every penny of it should be forfeit along with their job -- right damn now.  These rat bastards shouldn't be able to show their faces in public ever again without seeing the bird.The lies being accepted by the media are even more-outrageous.
It really is incumbent on the police to stop making shit up and publish the true facts about the shooting and the police failure to respond in any way to the shooting for over an hour. With all the 'changes' they keep putting forward it is really unbelievable that they cannot establish an incident timeline simply using the phone calls to 911 and the recorded police actions and publish it and stand by their timeline backing it up with evidence when people (conspiracy types) start to ask questions about just why the LVPD did nothing during this attack.

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