Wednesday, February 8, 2017


San Francisco has long had a reputation for gathering to itself all the nation's fruits and nuts. Now it appears that they have decided to include out-and-out fascists in their mix of scum and villainy. How exactly does anyone in the United States boast about our very own kristallnacht without fear of arrest and the law?
American fascists attack American university in California to prevent speech by gay man
There were certainly a large number of students in the crowd and many of them were violating another American's right to freedom of speech, but it was the hardcore fascists that were the ones smashing the windows and setting the university on fire. Sort of the like the Brown Shirts working for that Hitler fella.

Meanwhile, the Berkeley police and UC Berkeley police stood by and did nothing. Nothing at all. Does that sort of remind you of how the German police handled the 'rioters' throughout Kristallnacht and beyond? Just standing around minding their own business. And they dindo nothin.

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