Thursday, February 16, 2017


I read here that the world of spooks is witholding spy information from the Trump Administration because they fear that the administrators would leak their precious secret information like somebody at NSA leaked the news about Flynn having chats with the Russian ambassador prior to taking on his role as National Security Advisor.

Srsly? If the spooks are that worried about leaks maybe they should kick out all of their Booz Allen Hamilton contractors. They seem to keep letting all the cats out of the bag. Of course they have the official help and sanction of the morons, clowns and idiots at theOffice of Personnel Management who routinely suffer hacks of their investigations into all security cleared personnel working for the government or contracted by the government. All that blackmail material routinely ends up in the hands of hackers from Russia, China, XYugoslavia and other less reputable places.

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