Sunday, February 12, 2017


I have been enjoying the last three weeks of unending criticism of the administration by the brownshirts and the nazis of the fourth estate. The issue I find most appealing must be the White House correspondents crackfest where the media and administration come together for some lighthearted banter that just shows how much they love each other.

This Yahoo fake news story is hilarious in its obtuseness and profound ignorance:
"How can media clink glasses with a White House that makes clear its contempt for press freedom and its admiration for (Russian President Vladimir) Putin methods?" tweeted David Frum, a senior editor at The Atlantic.
I can see that Trump makes no effort to hide his contempt for what passes as the Press in this country and the near abroad. By the same token though, the media make absolutely no effort to hide their complete contempt for Trump. I see them as the more out-of-control 3 year old who cannot do anything but vent hatred and contempt for the man who parlayed their hatred for him into roughly $5 billion in free advertising throughout the primaries and the presidential campaign. They just can't stop themselves, even when they rail at Trump for doing nothing more than whatever Obama did during his administration.

Some people think it unpresidential to tweet and I can see their point but I kind of disagree with them. The tweets are rapid, appear off-the-cuff and are usually humorous to those not targeted by them. The left and the media despise them because they simply can't help themselves. They have an atavistic compulsion to dance to whatever tune Trump plays and he has them place themselves in front of the camera and say deeply stupid things along the lines of the egregious Frum (see above).

As I read all the reporting on the correspondents dinner it always, appears to show the press as unwilling to join the White House to break bread and share in conviviality and jocularity. It's nothing to do with the White House. It's not a dinner the White House puts on or hosts. It's a manifestation that shows that the fourth estate cannot put aside its contempt and hatred for even one night and feel proud to be numbered among the few, the proud, the people who accept President Trump.

The media ain't feeling the love and they keep digging their hole deeper and deeper with the 50% of Americans who voted for Trump. There's a lot of people that have written off the media in this country and agree that if it wasn't for fake news, there would be no news at all out of Washington DC or New York. Every single story has a spin and the spin is always the same.

It reminds me of the time the pope went fishing with President Bush. They were out on the Potomac fishing when the pope's silly hat blew off. The pope was going to try to fish it out of the river with a paddle but George said, "let me" and stood up, stepped out of the boat, walked on water over to the pope's hat and returned with it, giving it to the pope. Naturally the press saw all this and reported with glee that, "President Bush doesn't know how to swim!"

I think it's time the media and the rest of them grew up and learned to behave like adults. They're all much too old to look cute while pouting full time and glowering at the rest of us with unconcealed fury, hatred and disdain. I'm tired of them.

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