Monday, February 6, 2017


GPS is just the first step in teaching mankind to obey the voice of the machine. I'm not going there.


Captain Steve said...

It is very useful when driving with one's significant other. For example my wife now argues with the GPS rather than with me over directions.

OldAFSarge said...

What Cap'n Steve said.

When I'm alone I like to have Garmin up and running so I can argue with it and cast aspersions on its intelligence.

I also like to hear it moan in frustration, "Recalculating..."

I'm sure that my name is on file with SkyNet and that someday I will pay for my transgressions. But hey, I'm living in the moment.


HMS Defiant said...

You see the subtle nature of the trap already. She is trying to 'reason' with a machine! Me? I always slander and malign machines so they know I'm not afraid of them and they try harder to prove they're better than what I call them. Don't knock it, it works.

HMS Defiant said...

In Korea my rentals had gps but it was in Korean and I couldn't understand a word it said. All the maps were in Hangul and I couldn't read a word of it. In Texas when I used to rent cars with gps, the volume was set so low that it proved impossible to hear. That's why I stuck to strip maps using my own iPod maps. Not too helpful if I got really really lost but good enough to get from Love Field or DFW to where I wanted to go....usually. I hate I35.

Captain Steve said...