Sunday, July 10, 2016


Brutal day. I called my x yesterday and got the most pathetic peep out of my daughter as her mother loathed me over the phone, long distance, like she does. I hung up and I went for a walk, very worried about a little girl who lives very far away. I was heading to the local coffee shop which is about a mile away and it's just an easy stroll through the neighborhood and I walked by this church.

It's where we go to practice Tai Chi. It also happens to be the church of a fellow barberian who gets his hair cut in the same little shop that everybody in Cleveland uses to get a haircut. That's where I met him the first time. I knew the name of the deputy second under assistant minister and I thought he might be able to provide me with the name of a worthy lawyer who would be good for a child custody battle.

I caught him at an auspicious time. His girl Friday (as I think about it, his wife)  showed me to his office where he was busy packing up things into boxes but he graciously made time for me and we chatted. I told him what I wanted which was no more than the names of any lawyers he thought might help me and he then told me that he was packing to leave. After 7 years in MetroParkCentralis he had come to an end and had his own ministry. He was heading west to take charge of a church which is just about a mile away from my daughter's house in Portland 2500 miles away. He will be there next week. We talked.

I don't go to church.

My daughter is in the 7th grade. For some reason, that calls to mind this wonderful lady who was the very first person I ever worked for. I was in the 7th grade and I 'helped' her in the library when I was not in class. She gave me a complete first day cover envelope and commissioning package from the commissioning of USS NIMITZ. I kept it pristine, still in the original package right up until I gave it all to Chaplain Harvey. As with Mike Lemieux, I wish that I had followed my friends a little closer. I had no idea that the oldest child of Chester Nimitz passed away in 2015. That's just a breath away in time.


Anne Bonney said...

What a lovely "New England" town you live in.

HMS Defiant said...

Small town just outside Bhopal actually. I am always amazed by the small town feel. You recall that half those guys drive in from Chagrin Falls and Ohio City. One barber, one chair and yet....they return again and again.

I should charge her money for advertising!