Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Ever since the nation elected Bill Clinton the second time, we kind of went off the beam, the liberal pundits came up with the idea that minor peccadilloes such as rape and assault didn't really matter because women groped/raped by Bill should feel lucky and Democrats hide the bodies of their victims so well that not even the famous FBI could possibly find them.  It is the FBI that explains how JFK died of blunt force trauma and Mary Jo Kopechne was killed by carnivorous fish.

Is is no longer their farm because it has become a Latifundia run by the ruling class and the rule of law does not apply to them, ever. You could tell that with the Kennedy's and any number of other semi-royal families the States saddled themselves with over the years.

I truly despise the ruling class. They'd all be pulling oars on galleys if I ran things.

Fixed it.

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