Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I saw this at Patterico last night. About the time Free Market Fairy Tales dropped offline, I stopped reading Patterico back when I used to use Lex for my bookmarks. Gowdy owns Comey as they go over what a foul awful person Hillary Clinton is.

I listened to Fresh Air yesterday and she had an otherwise sane guest who launched a full ballistic missile, sub-orbital and fractional orbit bombardment of people like me who think he might just have totally failed to see evil. Sort of like the Chavistas, the Pol Pot admirers, the pro-Stalinist, the Ho chi Minh faithful. Terry Gross didn't bat an eye as she agreed that rich peasants should be plowed under and that all who fail to follow L Ron Hubbard are just fodder for the goolon army.

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Anne Bonney said...

The emperor's new clothes . . .