Saturday, July 9, 2016


The forces of order have gotten themselves into a cleft stick. Nobody trusts them or fears them anymore. They created the space they occupy.  I spent a bit of time today looking into the abyss. It's easy to jump in and damnably hard to get out of. You really don't want to go there. WRT our uniformed goons who, other than the military, are way beyond any and all reproach, like Hillary, I'd invite your attention to WACO. Just google it. Why are all the bikers in jail and none of the people that burned little kids to death?

For our fallen I'd offer this. They were all good men.

It really is our job to decide who the good guys are. The police never feel any responsibility to eliminate the killers from their ranks. They still don't. They never will. I live in MetroParkCentralis. We will shortly be joined by all the goons that want to riot peacefully, burn down the city peacefully and get away with murder. The forces of order are going to enjoy that. What, after all, could go wrong?

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