Tuesday, June 2, 2015


There is a bit of a dustup going on at the Northwestern University gulag and it is interesting to me on several fronts. It concerns an outright attack on intellectual freedom, freedom of speech and what used to pass for civility. A wannabe member of the senior cult clergy had this to say about what was written by a professor in response to her own concerns about the use of the cult religion in the persecution and a sordid attempt to fire another professor at the gulag using Title IX as their weapon.
But Kipnis' op-ed was alarmingly inaccurate. And immediately after its publication, several individuals reached out to her directly to correct the myriad misrepresentations of fact that she harmfully published as gospel. Kipnis acknowledged these emails, but refused to correct the record, suggesting instead that folks simply agree to disagree. That's a strange response, a bit like telling a math tutor that you "agree to disagree," or a civil engineer who's concerned about the integrity of your bridge, or... you get the point. When someone in a position to know reaches out to let you know that you're off base, one tends to think the appropriate response is anything but Kipnis'.
...because faith is their only guide and the cult is their only true path to salvation and so deviationists will be placed on their knees and dealt with in a manner consistent with all tyrannies that despise intellectuals and disbelievers.

How the hell did America end up with gulags?

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