Wednesday, June 10, 2015


The President without a strategy for coping with or dealing with ISIS has decided to send 450 American troops to Anbar Province, Iraq and have them train Iraqi Army personnel. We had over a 100,000 American troops over there for over a decade and a lot of them were training Iraqi troops who cannot run away fast enough when ISIS attacks and overwhelms them so quickly that they capture all our military vehicles, weapons and ammunition stocks intact and then use them in their follow-on assaults. I'm not sure what Obama thinks will happen now.

We know though, don't we? Green on Blue attacks on our soldiers once again and this time there won't be any Mattis there to explain to one and all that they had best have a plan to kill every man in the room before they enter. Frankly, I'm pretty sure some loony is trying to explain to the guys that they won't be allowed to carry weapons because they're not their to fight and they're not to shoot any Iraqis because there is no Status of Forces Agreement to protect them from being thrown into an Iraqi dungeon forever because they are subject to Iraqi law and not solely the UCMJ.

You might say a prayer for all our men over there and most especially for the 450 who are off to the Hot Gate.

Μολὼν λαβέ

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