Monday, June 1, 2015


In a totally expected showdown Sunday night, Senator Paul stood firm and by his own unique action saw to it that some of the more egregious provisions of the vile Patriot Act were sunsetted and left to rot in the field of domestic surveillance and unchecked tyranny.

The White House backs the House bill. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement: "The Senate took an important - if late - step forward tonight. We call on the Senate to ensure this irresponsible lapse in authorities is as short-lived as possible. On a matter as critical as our national security, individual senators must put aside their partisan motivations and act swiftly." 
But the Senate adjourned without final action on the bill after Paul asserted his prerogative under Senate rules to delay a final vote for a couple of days. And a couple of hours later, the midnight deadline came and went. 
"This is what we fought the revolution over, are we going to so blithely give up our freedom? ... I'm not going to take it anymore," Paul declared on the Senate floor hours earlier, as supporters wearing red "Stand With Rand" T-shirts packed the spectator gallery.
Don't we not get a kick out of this White House spokesman declaring that this was an irresponsible lapse of authorities even as it kicks to death the Constitution's separation of powers and continues to rule by Executive Decree and dream up and enforce regulations of Executive Branch agencies which then have the force of law even though Congress has passed no such laws? Where is the White House on the critical national security implications of a wide open border which millions of undocumented people/terrorists cross every year? When will the Executive Branch and the President enforce the laws of the land? You know, in the name of national security.

I like Mr. Paul. I wish we had a Senate full of members like him and fewer like John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama and almost all the rest.

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