Monday, June 29, 2015


It looks pretty bad when our State Department acts like the KGB or the People's Republic of China. Srsly, if our State Department wants to play the hardline commie thug they need to man up.*

The real press should simply take to writing or announcing that, "today, like every previous day, the State Department lied, prevaricated and spun mistruth and fobbed the press off with complete packages of utter bullsh@t shortly before executing 400 Christians in the Arena." That could be their signature sign-off along with, "State Department announces signing of Treaty of Eternal Peace and Fiendship with Muslim dictators, terrorists and the PLO."

*There, that will have pushed every button I can think of. I just wanted to go on record that Elizabeth Turley of the U.S. State Department is a solid representative of the Obama administration and is advancing the banners of pluralism, communism, fascism and infantilism like nobody since Carter.

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