Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Once used by Hitler to claim sovereignty over the Sudetenland it is currently used by Putin to claim justification for launching separatist movements in Crimea and Ukraine and Ossetia, Chechnya, and countless other places where Russians replaced the native born populations. This includes the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

We are provoking an easily predictable response by stationing an armored brigade in the Baltic. Let's hope that the White House planning has encompassed all the possible contingencies and Russian countermoves.

Who ya gonna call if the Russians back an ethnic Russian separatist group in any or all of the 3 Baltic States? What if the Russians shut off their oil and gas supplies? What if the Russians interdict traffic/blockade the Baltic States as we blockaded Cuba in 1962?

I will be away for awhile as I check out the sea rise level on the coast of Maine.

If you call up the map from last week you'll see us driving from Nigeria to Bulgaria through Switzerland, Spain and Syria.


virgil xenophon said...

Go back and read my comments @ your 15 June post: FECKLESS AND FAITHLESS--covers it all. (I'm ticked that you didn't see fit to comment--was a good story. :) )

HMS Defiant said...

I've poured boiling oil on my arm as punishment for my lax reading and replying skills.