Tuesday, February 3, 2015


It took Venezuela to figure out the darkest deepest secret of the 20th Century.
Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro reacted angrily, saying he would write a letter to Obama over what he called an attempt to violate Venezuela’s national sovereignty. He argued that U.S. policy toward Venezuela has been kidnapped by “irresponsible, imperial forces that are putting the United States on a dead-end” in its relations with Venezuela and the broader region.
At the same time, the U.S. dismissed as “ludicrous” Maduro’s recent claim that that Biden had conspired against him.
How they figured it out is a mystery, but it makes sense on so many levels. Obama is so stupid that NOBODY has revealed ANY of his college transcripts. When he talks without a teleprompter he sounds like some local village idiot after spending 20 years in a lunatic asylum. One could possibly argue that the same sort of dynamic went on between Cheney and Bush. One was evidently an evil master mind and the other was widely regarded by the left as a chimp.

It might be more difficult to draw the line between evil mastermind and out-of-control boy, when not properly supervised by an adult in the Clinton era. I confess that the adult seemed to be Gore but Gore, while responsible for many evils second hand, didn't really offer anything to the nation's domestic or foreign policy failures.

In retrospect, the relation was made crystal clear with the  two previous administrations. Bush the Elder who was the mastermind that ran the CIA before taking office as Reagan's VP for 8 years then decided to step up to the role and serve as President. He sought to avoid any chance of an eminence gris and chose Quayle as his VP and then sent him around the world to disarm our opponents.

You are probably wondering why anybody would go along with this idiotic suggestion but consider: The VP shares ALL of the perks of the President and doesn't suffer any of the drawbacks. He can run his policies through his front puppet and no blame ever attaches to him if the "presidents" policies are abysmal failures either domestically or internationally. Short of a golfing catastrophe or a 'shooting accident,' nobody even knows what they're up to.

It's clearly a win-win!

The movie, "MY FELLOW AMERICANS" may prove instructive. The whole thing is available on the Tube of U.

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