Thursday, February 26, 2015


I would kill them all. What use are rethuglicans?
The move comes just 24 hours after McConnell agreed to remove provisions defunding President Obama's executive action on immigration from the DHS bill and vote on them separately. McConnell had said he would schedule a vote on the immigration measure, sponsored by Sen. Susan Collins, on Friday, but if votes on the DHS bill drag on, the Collins measure will be bumped back, with a cloture vote following DHS passage.
Seriously, I could get drunk and puke better republicans. Yes, I know, that doesn't say much for the brand.


  1. Though it may be an extreme view, I believe that 95% of the congress-critters have violated their oath of office. Which, in my book, makes them guilty of treason.

    Will anything come of this? Yes, the collapse of the West.

  2. We need a new party. One that takes us seriously. Or....we could slip into DC, all quiet like and KILL THEM ALL@!@@!

    srsly, the thugs own the House and the Senate. Failing to carry out the will of the electorate now just feels like minnows explaining to the sharks about shallow justice.

  3. I do realise how much our countries differ politically, but perhaps it's time for a new party to take formation, it would certainly make life more politically interesting.