Saturday, February 28, 2015


I live after dark. I always have. I have an infinite number of flashlights because I also like to read, after dark. I went looking for someone I had not heard for almost 30 years tonight. I was curious. What happened to her? I did not like her and I did not share her philosophy but she did have, like another nameless woman, who had a good voice, a remarkably good voice. Joan and Sinead had wonderful voices. Oh, drat. I named them.

For no particular reason, I wondered, what ever happened to that horrible person and so I googled. I haven't heard her voice since I left Solana Beach in 2001. She vanished. And I saw in the news just now that a good man had stepped into the clearing at the end of the path while I wasn't paying attention.  I kind of thought Spock was good for a lifetime.

Sinead, kind of like a butterfly. When you hear the music though, .... it was good.

If you tossed in Madonna, it was like walking on the Great Plains, in the rain, in a towering thunderstorm OK, and Nena.  The San Diego rats in my garage ate my Bridge Coat but the echoes linger of walking off the Newport Naval Base in that coat to find dinner at Mama Leones after the base closed on account of snow and listening, on my walkman to Paris is Calling by Debra Harry.

The music is the stamp of our times. All of us have our own. Talk to me later about Aha while walking down the Champs Elysee in the Spring of the year of 1985.


OldAFSarge said...

The music helps us anchor moments in time.

An excellent remembrance Cap'n.

Ex Bootneck said...

Couldn't agree more over the 'Oirish' catholic girl; educated in a convent, onto a quaker school, and then ending up in one of the 'Magdalen Asylums' - all before she was 16.

But what a flash back to an 80's memory box long since forgotten. A good book, decent music, and quaffing cider during the summer months in Taunton Somerset. Very Many Thanks. I am about to trawl the Tube for more.

HMS Defiant said...

Ah, you raise the shadow of other music from Blade Runner. Good.

HMS Defiant said...

Ah, you were more intimately familiar than I. I had a couple of her CDs and caught her act a couple of times on PopTV.