Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I've been reading and agreeing with a number of commenters and pundits who have pointed out that the left views the right as not just wrong, but evil. The left cannot, in good conscience, debate with evil people about their evil thoughts and potentially evil deeds so they don't remonstrate with the right or even let the right have a voice in their councils or their meetings or their spaces. You can see a sample of this with the PBS team. They have what they refer to as a "Tame Conservative" in David Brooks and trot him out to run down and denigrate any and all aspects or characters that issue from the right. 

At Harry's place one of his guest posters picked up on this and expanded on it. He starts off with a tragic tale that shows just how blinkered the media and the left are and how reluctant anybody is to go against the faddism that passes for liberal thought these days and how the only people who challenge the orthodoxy pitched by the press, maintstream liberal media, academic view are quickly labeled kooks, right wing thugs, racists, bigots and misogynists. It's enough to make a modern liberal arts college junior burst into tears.

Mehrdad Amanpour wrote:
What should worry us all today is that the public response to mainstream truth in the West increasingly reflects the stories I hear from my father-in-law. Politically-correct terms used by the left are increasingly co-opted into conversations and social media to mean something else entirely. You can now find examples in mainstream newspapers, the alt-right media and even within the below-the-line comments of the Guardian. 
‘Cultural enrichment’ is now a sardonic and common term for crime by immigrants. ‘Vibrant community’ means a violent area with a high immigrant population. ‘Religion of peace’ means violent Islamism. ‘Youths’ means young Muslim criminals.  ’Refugees’ means illegal immigrants. ‘Children’ means bearded young men. ‘Syrian’ means a migrant not from Syria. ‘Doctors and engineers’ means semi-literate and unskilled migrants.
Isn't it amazing how words can come to mean different things to different people? The people who use those expressions see totally different realities. Those familiar with the concept of the Venn Diagram can picture this shared reality in this way.


Correct. There is no overlapping of world views at all. There is no shared reality. That's readily apparent to those of us who watched in awe as the left imploded under Bush Derangement Syndrome, took a break during the Obama administration and quite failed to notice that the wars and killing went on, Gitmo never closed, the terrorists attacked more and more countries with greater lethality and increasing numbers of innocent casualties and have now gone collectively insane again even before Donald Trump takes the Oath of Office and is sworn in as our next President. 

The article is not long. It looks that way because it includes all the comments. You might think about sharing it with some of your friends who don't look at the world in quite the same way that you do. I don't advocate this as any kind of attack on other views. It merely provides food for thought. Some of those people out there are famished. To paraphrase the great Flip Wilson, They better get gruntled.

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