Monday, November 21, 2016


From Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage. This pretty much sums up the Democrcats again and going into the next election cycle.
Some Democrat strategists want to learn how to “talk to white people” again. Meanwhile the left is doubling down on showing them the door. The left is pushing former Nation of Islam racist Keith Ellison for DNC chair. Because if there’s anything that will save the party, it’s putting a racist who represents a district with the largest concentration of Somali Muslims in the state in charge of formulating its future. 
Ellison supports racist cop killers, hates Israel, and has a past with a hate group that believes white people are “devils” who are the spawn of a mad scientist’s experiment and will be wiped out by UFOs.
The little tiny problem that particular Party has is its failure to include everybody. The only Party and people that routinely deny a specific group of people from their affairs is the Democratic Party and its collection of misfit traffic botherers. We haven't seen a "No Blacks Allowed" sign in more than a generation but I see "No Whites Permitted" signs from Democratic organizations every single day.

It's like they can't help themselves and stop being racist long enough to read what they're writing.

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