Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I play this and remember a time long before I was born. I was in England last week and the British remember with the wearing of the poppy. It's a sad poppy and I wouldn't buy one but it shows a remembrance for a Great War that cost everything. I won't buy into it for any amount.

That said, nostalgia is my middle name. The next war will be the end of the aristocrats. They may have inferred weakness when they really overlooked indifference. Aristos are not hard to kill and the new courts of their political allies will gradually begin to overlook the necessity of killing people like Soros and his allies. They are, after all, the enemies of mankind. Imagine that, judicial killings.

You never thought you'd see a court uphold an outright ban on the second amendment. Anything can happen when you toss the law.

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