Tuesday, November 8, 2016


There, that almost sounds presidential.

We took the Queen Mary 2 from New York City to Southampton, England and then spent some time in Scotland before flying home about 2 hours ago. It was a most excellent and relaxing vacation. I highly recommend it.

I never wanted to to go on a cruise. I have heard about cruises. However, taking an ocean liner from this side of the Atlantic to the other side has always appealed to me. It was everything I expected and more. Cunard does it right.

We missed out on the last two weeks of election frenzy. We both voted before we left these shores and returned just in time to ignore the rest of the hoopla. I mean, srsly, who cares? We arrived in London on the train down from Edinburgh, checked into our hotel, went to dinner on the 23rd floor and watched Londoners celebrate Guy Fawke's day with utter abandon. I have never seen so many different fire works shows and no sooner did one stop than 3 more started. It went on for hours and we had the best view in the city atop the Metropole Hotel.

I've been holding firm on the optimist front for Trump (dire news indeed) but I did the same for McCain after the first 4 years of the Obama fiasco and was let down by the poltroons and shills of the other party and the loser idiots who just cannot make up their minds and opt to go with the human touch provided by the Stalinist Party every single time.

I don't much care either way. I figure Hillary will be dead of what ails here before she reaches the White House following her inaugural address and Tim Kaine will plump for Putin (surprise, surprise). Every now and again, that rascally old tree of liberty needs to dip its roots in blood. It is, always, surprising that the urban revolutionary expects food to flow into the city when perhaps most of the rest of the country thinks a diet would do them good. One of the downsides to living in an information vacuum is that it leaves a minority in the majority in a  handful of places with the idea that they are in charge.

We have reached the point where truth will fall like a hammer on the lies and other lies spouted by the party of Obamacare.

Wouldn't want to be them.


OldAFSarge said...

Welcome back!

Glad to here the trip across the pond was a good one.

HMS Defiant said...

It was fun. We sailed into a Force 9 Gale for a couple of days and my life was complete. I never slept better in my life.