Saturday, October 22, 2016


And then I saw this.

If you are a democrat and don't understand the enemy, this should do it. As Staff Sergeant Brooks told us, at a certain point, you've achieved the point where you can walk over and read their mail and eat their lunch. He was talking about Vietnam and he had been a sniper,  but I figure, we can go there...

On the other hand, if you are a democrat and don't understand the others, this should do it.


The video I loved and which headlined the King of France's place appears to have been killed. I treasured it. The video showed an athlete at the very top of the game who smiled every inch of the way to totally blew away the other competitors and smiled. She reminds me of a princess I saw just the other night in film She smiled a great deal but she didn't turn back into the princess until the very end, after the musical affair on the barge in Rome where she used a stringed instrument on a man, twice.

It really is amazing how a genuine smile can make all who see it happy.

If you turn on the sound, you can hear these color commentators talk about a smile I have long admired. I have great disdain for the color commentators, who are jackasses.

This, I think, was where I added the category to my blog of "Style and Grace". She embodied it.

I'm sorry the original video is gone but you get the master video here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.

This is known as “bad luck.”

I'm rather amazed by the number of billionaires that find Hillary a more worthy candidate than Turnip. I suspect that all of us will regret it when she is elected by the dead and fled voters.

I may be in Scotland when that happens. It's sorry I'll be to miss the start of the Revolution.


I used to be in favor of things and I had a lot of them. Now that I'm middle aged I am less enamored of things. Chaplain, if you're reading this I would like those little things you said you were going to mail me 2 Christmasses ago but, as anyone can tell you, I'm a very patient man. Whenever.

My folks recently downsized and moved out of the family estate there in Arlinton. They were the keepers of things. When I say the keeper, I mean that they were purely amateurs. They kept every single thing from before ever plus a selection from a few ancestors before that, but my little sister, she who had 67 chairs at one point when she lived in Maryland managed to get some more chairs.

I stopped by the struggling young author's abode the other day for to admire the bathroom up on the 3rd floor that she, 3 young college age males and one, perhaps exasperated, college professor, had been working on for the last 11 months. I peaked in and was pleasantly surprised. It looked very much like a bathing room from the 1920s. [It could have used a half dozen chairs] Toulousse LaTrec would have felt right at home. My grandparents would have felt right at home. I wondered where the jets were for the swirly tub and was kicked down the stairs but not before looking into the office of the lady whose next book is getting a solid 100,000 in the first printing next year. That's a lot of books. All both of you should buy one when it comes out next year. Her office had stacks on stacks of clothes, old bicycles and coffee pots and there wasn't an inch of vulnerable exposed floor space to step on. Even the little racoon hideout was stuffed.

So, this sister, neighbor, owner-of-vast-amounts of stuff brought over things my parents left with her to give me because I have an unexpected, unanticipated shortage of stuff.

I will now list the elements from selenium to proscineum. Nurnburg, Purdue, West Point, Fort Bliss, Fort Sill, Fort Leavonworth, Carlisle, Fort Riley, Annandale, Newport, Huntsville, Picatinny Arsenal, State College, Newport, Bahrain, Dam Neck, San Diego, Newport, San Diego, Seattle, San Diego, Oakland, Emeryville, San Diego, Solana Beach, San Diego, Encinitas, San Diego. and MetroParkCentralis.

Everything I own fits into a VW Jetta. I am, pure and simply, not a man of stuff.

Oh yeah, my landlords complained about the hundreds of books I used to leave behind when I moved but that was just minor.  I own thousands of books but they are electrons and, they're really super rugged NFL approved electrons. The lightest one of my fleet dropped into the tub the other night. It went all the way to the bottom. Must have been 5 or 600 feet down when I pulled it back out of the water.

It sat, ensconsed, in a plastic Chinese food container filled with cat litter, in the sun, soaking up the rays that make pure cane sugar and it dried out and it works again. I'm definitely taking it on the Lusitania next week when we head for England. Sucker's probably better than a life vest. I really didn't think it would or could roar back to life. It surprised me.

However, this was a screed about stuff. My sister brought over 3 little boxes of stuff that a concerned parent had left with her for me. My report cards, my diploma, and what must have been my first trophy. Je suis complete. (there is a way, must be a way to make that little Fench accent mark over the e but you won't see it from me. Look elsewhere my friend.)

On the Right! right there! A tiny little trophy from 1969
Oh, and the gleaming thing  next to my trophy came back from 98,000 feet underwater and returned, spontaneously, to life, as we know it.

I would show you a photo of the little treasure that my parents bought for all 4 of us for to store our report cards through the 8th grade to be used against us but I'll save that pleasure for later. Anticipate.

Monday, October 17, 2016


These two manage to sound like them all alone.

But the twelve girls still own the sound of the strings. [Update: listen at the 2 minute mark.]

Yes this is the one.

Sunday, October 16, 2016


My grandparents grew up without it. Born in 1905 and 1907, electric light bulbs, telephones and aerial flight were new things.We found ourselves out last night wtih flappers. It's not all that often that one finds oneself out with flappers. One of them assured me that she had the de rigour fur coat in the limo. Yes, I asked her.

MetroParkCentralis is just full of surprises. We took our friends in to the Glass Bubble to meet the chicken since it was next to Mitchell's ice cream foundary.. Srsly, it's not everywhere you meet flappers and introduce yourself to a chicken.

Yeah, you could do worse.


Some people see the weirdest things, and they take pictures. I probably over used the idea last night when I kept saying, on seeing awesome stuff, that I wish I had been able to find my iphone so I could take pictures of the full moon and any number of other things of surpassing niceness.

I liked this though. It's like the little fellow deliberately posed.

And nobody does smug with a toothy grin like a caiman.


Every time I think that the the whole universe (2 trillion galaxies) cannot get weirder, it gets weirder. What can one say about the nature of the magicians? Yes, a liberal student rejects science because it discriminates against witchcraft.

She talks pretty fast though.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Just typing that post headline brought to mind several officers of the Naval Service I worked for.

Pretty cool teaser I lifted from the Daily Time Waster's site.


On weekends I attend to the real news and so I stop and linger at This Aint Hell. I cue up the music and then I read. I would say that it is not an addiction but I've been wrong before. There's a dozen blogs that I don't have on my page that I attend to on the weekend.

In this house, we have only a few rooms that don't have bookshelves. I came here in a vw jetta of a certain blue color (now more blue colors) and I didn't bring more than a handful of books but the house is as full of them as any place I ever called home. I don't understand how people can live without books. They are my fleet. One of my trusty frigates suffered an irreperable injury. It fell all the way to the bottom of the tub. It's sitting in cat litter in the window in the faint hope that it will be ressurected and join the the 2 iPads, 7 kindles and the offshore squadron. I don't think it will make it. It looks pretty dead to me. Not pining for the fjords. Dead. If so it joins the other sony that was a favorite that didn't survive replacing the battery. The late sony was on its last elbows since it needed to be plugged in every day since the battery was fading away.

This is a post about one of the good men who just stepped into the clearing at the end of the path.

Master Sergeant Richard Pittman
While Company 1 was conducting an operation along the axis of a narrow jungle trail, the leading company elements suffered numerous casualties when they suddenly came under heavy fire from a well concealed and numerically superior enemy force. Hearing the engaged marines’ calls for more firepower, Sgt. Pittman quickly exchanged his rifle for a machinegun and several belts of ammunition, left the relative safety of his platoon, and unhesitatingly rushed forward to aid his comrades. Taken under intense enemy small-arms fire at point blank range during his advance, he returned the fire, silencing the enemy position. As Sgt. Pittman continued to forge forward to aid members of the leading platoon, he again came under heavy fire from 2 automatic weapons which he promptly destroyed. Learning that there were additional wounded marines 50 yards further along the trail, he braved a withering hail of enemy mortar and small-arms fire to continue onward. As he reached the position where the leading marines had fallen, he was suddenly confronted with a bold frontal attack by 30 to 40 enemy. Totally disregarding his safety, he calmly established a position in the middle of the trail and raked the advancing enemy with devastating machinegun fire. His weapon rendered ineffective, he picked up an enemy submachinegun and, together with a pistol seized from a fallen comrade, continued his lethal fire until the enemy force had withdrawn. Having exhausted his ammunition except for a grenade which he hurled at the enemy, he then rejoined his platoon. Sgt. Pittman’s daring initiative, bold fighting spirit and selfless devotion to duty inflicted casualties, disrupted the enemy attack and saved the lives of many of his wounded comrades.
President Johnson awarded him the Medal of Honor on May 14, 1968 and Pittman, born on May 26, 1945 in French Camp, San Joaquin County, California, retired from the Marine Corps as a Master Sergeant on October 27, 1988.
I doubt that a single Marine would agree with this but, Master Sergeants of Marines must be spectacularly rare.That, or they all hung out at Henderson Hall and I used to go there often enough when I went home because it had the even more rare NFCU ATM in the basement. I worked with the FAST, a lot and I worked with more gunnies than you could shake a stick at in places like NAVCENT and SURFPAC (combat cargo, yes they were Marines in the office next to mine at SURFPAC), ADAK, Camp Snoopy, Kuwait, everywhere. I never saw a single Marine Master Sergeant. I don't think they're real. They're like witches. You hear about them but you never see them.
I suppose if Mabus has his way with the Marines, they'll just be sergeants.
I think his uniform is instructive. I remember EN2 Anderson quizzing the commodore at captain's call and asking if we were likely to get any medals if we swept some mines in the Persian Gulf. He said, "I've been in the Navy for 6 years and I don't have a single ribbon or medal. I stood on the train platform at Euston to catch a train finding its way to Mildenhall AFB where I needed to be and the young man next me was fresh out of Air Force Bootcamp and already wearing two rows of ribbons. Me, I'd just left a ship where I had spent 12 months in a warzone, swept mythical mines in the Red Sea and had a grand total of two ribbons. (I learned about the third one about 20 years later.)
Hail and farewell Master Sergeant Pittman.


I read this on Instapundit today.

"Obama could hardly have accomplished more harm if he were trying to ruin America’s position in the world.

Excpet he didn't do it alone. He was helped every inch the way by the blundering morons at the State Department who started out 'overcharging' the Russians and went downhill from there. Who was the protocol officer who told our moron that he should give Queen Elizabeth a USB stick with his speeches on it or that a plastic toy helicopter was somehow an appropriate gift between heads-of-state?

Yeah, the guy pretty thoroughly destroyed Libya, Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan, Yemen, Mali, Chad, Somalia, Italy, France, Ethiopia, Germany and NATO.

I suspected he was a lightweight loser but I was mistaken. He has destroyed everything he touched from race relations in America to NATO and the EU.

Friday, October 14, 2016


I doubt that one in 100 Americans knows their names much less what they did but when you and I think about it, did we not have some of the most remarkable men in history at the helm when we most needed adult leadership? I'm not that old. Srsly, not even 56. A mere pup, but I recall the giants that put together a force that shaped the world for the last 70 years. Some can recall the man who dominated an entire generation. I don't care for him but I have not read his biography and mayhap I have figured him wrong. I can be mistook in my judgement and I'm the first to admit it.

Raymond Spruance. He turned around the whole of World War II at Midway.
Ike. I don't care what his detractors say, he was a genius.
George Mashall. He was the one that said OK to General of the Army because he didn't want to Marshall Marshall. He thought there might be a number of 5 star officers in the future. So far, we've resisted the temptation.

The list of them all.

 The following Americans have been promoted to five-star rank:
      •   Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy 15 December 1944
      •   General of the Army George Marshall 16 December 1944
      •   Fleet Admiral Ernest King 17 December 1944
      •   General of the Army Douglas MacArthur 18 December 1944
      •   Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz 19 December 1944
      •   General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower 20 December 1944
      •   General of the Army & Air Force Henry H. Arnold     21 December 1944 & 7 May 1949
      •   Fleet Admiral William Halsey, Jr. 11 December 1945
      •   General of the Army Omar Bradley  20 September 1950

Irregardless of your notions of merit, that was a remarkable group and they came along at just the right time for us. The men who followed them were made from entirely different cloth. The political crew we have had for the last 30 years are a bitter disapointment.

Thursday, October 13, 2016



The recording secreatary has noted two things at the Air FORCE.

a. The Air Force d

Tonight she told me she sings in the Choir.

At that point, I decided to be happy. I can do that.


Amazon is no longer honoring it's 2 day free delivery since it teamed with the USPS which is a shame but it still has some things that can surprise us. I got a promotional from them that talked about their free book reading service and I went to it and found one book that I treasure. I have too little Calvin and Hobbes in my life and I used to own the megabook of them all. Nowadays I just get my hair cut at the same clip shop that Bill Waterson uses to get his hair cut. We say hi to each other and I might mention whatever special is going on at the Smithsonian.

If you're an Amazon Prime kind of person, you should find the free books and download The Essential Calvin and Hobbes. It's free......and essential.


Women are leaping out of the attic to accuse a billionaire of 'touching' them and maybe even molesting them. The stories appear to be decades old and I'll be honest, even if I accept them as true stories there was the face slap. Where was the face slap? Srsly, this almost tempts me to go and lay my hands on attractive girls other than my pirates. OK, I'd do it if I wanted to die. Ohio is a well armed State and they'd likely blow my head off, particularly with the really bad haircut I got 2 days ago. I wouldn't blame them for shooting.*

Over and above all things I hate is the he said/she said decades later. It's impossible to refute. It's impossible to prove. It just hangs out there as the kind of thing that makes thought crime a real thing.


*I only have the two pirates these days and the little one just moved to Olympia. She's the one I used to toss to the sharks.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I can't help but compare it to Mel Gisbson's movies. It did not work for me. I had hoped for more.


I'm watching Jadotville and this is a running critque.

Sid "Vicious" Johnsten sent me with the Engineering Department Master Chief to rescue our two  n'eer do wells. We went to the office of the head of the Bahrain Self Defense Commander who was, perhaps, pleased to see us.

He stood up behind his desk when we came in and shook hands energetically with Master Chief Meisbrugger and said how pleased he was to meet the man who wears the stars. The Master Chief and I were both in uniform. I was the ship's legal officer, Master Chief Meisbrugger was the man with the stars.

The general pointed out what we already knew. Our two idiots had been latched with their hands in front and both of them decided to leap out of the BDSF jeep after they were apprehended doing wrong things in front of the InterContinental Hotel. They opted to leap from the jeep. They got a lot broken. Broken arms, broken jaw, etc.

The officer in charge of the Bahrain Defense Force told the Master Chief and me, that they had suffered enough and he gave them back to us gratis, so we could ship them home via the Navy Hospital in Rota.

It's hard to believe but neither of them were taken to Mast. They just went away one day and never came back. It used to be like that. It was a better navy back then. We took it as given that 10% of your people really were 90% of your problem and we took it for action. We didn't set out to hurt them, we just got rid of them. Bottom Blow was an unbelievable option.

Can you imagine if you could still do that today?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Courtesy of the the man from zed

Watching one traitorous fink after another decry Trump’s locker room talk from a decade ago, I was reminded once again that these people were never on my side. It was always a con, a grift, to fool otherwise decent people into putting down their weapons and surrendering to the Left. Buckley-style conservatism, whatever it was, is now just a tool of the managerial class to clear the field for nation-wrecking policies to benefit the ruling elite at the expense of the middle class. 
Last night, I was reminded of why Trump was able to obliterate the GOP field despite being out spent a million-to-one. He is not a pussy. Any other Republican faced with the dirty trick pulled on Friday would have gone into the debate prepared to grovel and plead, begging for a second chance. It is not all all inconceivable that he would have offered to step aside. Trump went into the debate prepared to deliver a counter punch designed to knock the old fat cow on her ass.


Ripped off from Maggie's Farm,

The Montana Department of Employment, Division of Labor Standards claimed a small rancher was not paying proper wages to his help and sent an agent out to investigate him.

AGENT: I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them.

RANCHER: Well, there's my hired hand who's been with me for 3 years. I pay him $200 a week plus free room and board. Then there's the mentally challenged guy. He works about 18 hours every day and does about 90% of all the work around here. He makes about $60 per week, pays his own room and board, and I buy him a bottle of Jack Daniels every Saturday night so he can cope with life. He also sleeps with my wife occasionally.

AGENT: That's the guy I want to talk to - the mentally challenged one.

RANCHER: That would be me.

Tis the humor of wry. We're going to need a bit of that over the next four years. Currently watching The Siege of Jadotville.


are you not entertained?


The oleaginous Paul Ryan has transmitted the signal. We've heard it before. Climb Mount Niitaka.

Paul Ryan is the Speaker of the House and the Rethuglican-in-Charge of the House. He's a minor noble in the House of Bush but he still has some throw weight. At this point, as with his late predecessor, it's measured in micrograms, but the man still thinks the GOP holds sway in all ways in the relationships of power, money and influence. He just decided that Hillary Clinton is a better Presidential candidate than anybody else. Joe the Plumber is a better candidate than Hillary. Only a corrupt jackass like Ryan would decide to throw the election to Hillary at this late date.

I'm not sure how one can be so obtuse as to fail to notice that the right-electorate overwhelmingly rejected the sly dishonesty of those who claimed to be different somehow from the democrats and went all in for a thug outsider who is prepared to pound both parties flat if elected. Paul Ryan doesn't get it that we are voting against the empire and don't really care what Trump does because it cannot possibly be worse than Hillary on her very best day in office.

Ryan is going to campaign for rethuglicans in lieu of electing a president that almost half the country think can lead them out of the permanent quagmire of bipartisanship where the people of the right are always ritually sacrificed by their representatives and slaughtered by the social justice warriors. 

By doing that, Paul Ryan is, in essence, voting for Hillary Clinton; a brain damaged, corrupt, vile, liar and scumbag who belongs in jail.

I don't think the GOP is going to survive this election. My 2 cents.

Monday, October 10, 2016


Remember when if it was phrased just so, it was Romantic? Remember when they made movies about gold diggers?

I was out and about this morning and listening to the National People's Radio where they were consumed with outraging over Hillary's High Crimes and Misdemeanors Trump engaging in a personal conversation that eavesdroppers overheard and later made public when they figured it would maximally damage the other half of the country.

I enjoyed viewing a somewhat more romantic time and for merely writing that, most modern campus administrators and student bodies would cheerfully throw me into the outer darkness in the hopes that a Balrog would tear me to pieces forever.

Are you enjoying watching the entire left side of the political hemorrhoid go ape over a very simple equation that has been in place since evolution started? I accept that a certain percentage of people are not attracted like moth to the flame by the prospect of marrying or dating wealth but by the same token, a certain percentage of the population are driven by the prospect of marrying or dating wealth.

I mean, honestly NPR, there's a reason that ancient wealthy men marry 20 year old women. Let me rephrase that for the really slow appreciators of NPR, THERE ARE A NUMBER OF 20 year old women who are attracted to wealthy septuagenarians. They're mostly folding and green but also glittery and cold as the stars and the number of them is never appreciably diminished. There are more every year.

I think in the last 24 hours the media has spent more time on Trump's private tete-a-tete with a guy then they ever spent on Hillary's and her aides' actual crimes under the Espionage Act. Make no mistake, she belongs in jail and so does everybody who sent her classified information at her private email.

I'm sure that her aide ran it through a cleaner routine that weeded out 99.999% of the marked classified material and what caught her in the end was the obvious fact that some of her aides routinely deleted the classification markings from SIGINT and SCI/SAP material and just forwarded her the copy and pasted paragraphs that ended up embroiling her in an FBI sham investigation despite her cunning best efforts to delete the 33,000 emails that were marked as classified.


Flies seem to hang around the most corrupt and dishonest politicians. You never saw them on Ike or Ronald Reagan or even the Bush branch of the Grand Old Party.

I just find it amusing that they linger around Obama and Clinton.