Sunday, April 14, 2024


 The ruling elite have engineered a war between nuclear powers now and it seems that somewhere in Israel a room full of ruling elites are pondering just wtf do they do now. Much like the feckless idiots in Europe who seem to want a war with Russia or our own feckless morons who seem to want a war with China, the Israelis have got what was wished upon them. Now what? I'm curious how a nation of 6 million with endless frontier of nothing but hostile powers is going to wage any kind of meaningful war against Iran.

Here we may see the 'sleepers' awake and not just promise to murder the Bakersfield City Council in their homes for not passing a binding resolution supporting the terrorists murderers in Hamas. We can hope that they will focus their effort on those who deserve it most. You know the people in New York City and Washington, DC, aka, the usual targets but I suspect they'll go after the infrastructure (power and water supplies and critical bridges). Everybody just saw again just how easy it is to make a steel structure collapse and we are a nation of elderly steel bridges and buildings.

We'll see how the hysteria plays out in the UN councils and in StupidLand which meets in either Strasbourg or Belgium.

Between the two of them, Iran and Russia control just how much of the worlds fossil fuels? Interesting question. We will see if the pirates can shut down the fuel deliveries out of the rest of the Gulf that didn't buy into pipelines across the Kingdom (good friend of Uncle Jo Biden) and see what the oil port of Yanbu is up to in terms of millions of tons of crude oil shipped/month. Pipelines are safe of course. They're inviolate. On the gripping hand, the Houthis started this drone attack 'malarky' when they started targeting, attacking and destroying Saudi Aramco oil production and distribution systems a few years ago. You remember our response was to question the Saudi's request for PATRIOT missile systems.

For those watching at home you are about to experience the shrieks of denial as the ruling elite suddenly understand that somehow the bad actors in the Pentagon and Intel Community since 2001 have destroyed 100% of America's forcible entry capability, gutted the Marine Expeditionary Force (also gutted almost 100% of the Amphibious lift needed to get the Marines to the scene of the crime) and of course gutted the Maritime Preposition Forces and the old POMCUS sites. NATO isn't a shadow of what it was even in 1996 as it started to discard 100% of the War Reserve materials that USAREUCOM had maintained for  generations. 

I had a friend back in San Diego who was Supply Corps captain who was called to Hawaii every year for a month or two to conduct a complete review of CINCPAC's ammunition requirements and capabilities. I never asked how bad it was because it was classified and because I didn't want to know. Years earlier as a fire control officer I watched as we cross-decked our cruise missiles from ship to ship because we didn't have nearly enough to outfit every launcher we had even back in 1985 and of course, we shut down our cruise missile production lines years ago and don't actually make any of them anymore. The clever bean counter solution to the problem was proposed and acted on. They reasoned that if they slashed the number of ships that carried cruise missiles, they could reduce both inventory and the number of cross-decked missiles.....

Americans and Westerners believe that there is this enormous latent power that we can draw upon to save ourselves with and it's not really worth convincing them that what the Congress and BRAC started at the end of the Cold War has left US much less capable than when we started World War II. Historians will know that we started to rearm shortly after great Britain but without much intensity until Pearl Harbor. All of that then latent war production is long gone. We shipped it over to China like the Globalists and ruling elite desired along with little things like our ability to make steel.

We are looking at a world at war and we have almost nothing forward deployed outside of a tripwire in Korea. We have less then 100 warships to tangle with the navies of Russia, China and Iran and how many of them have a sleeper in the crews that knows that all it takes is one little fire to destroy a nuclear submarine or a big deck amphibious ship? Used to wonder if the sleepers were Russians but now I wonder if they are Russian, Chinese, mercenary, muslims, communists/anarchists or EcoFreaks.

I cannot imagine the process for conducting a background check on a person for a TS clearance today. Just what abhorrent and disgusting behavior in a person's background now would disqualify them from being granted a security clearance. Off the top of my head, nothing. Our secrets now are our enemies secrets or at least their morning reading materials with breakfast and coffee.

I wonder how soon we will hear the ruling class decide that bringing back the DRAFT is now necessary.

Interesting times.


Dan said...

We are well into the "Crazy Years" that Robert Heinlein wrote about...

Bobo the Hobo said...

If that mofo thinks he will draft my grandsons he’s in for a major surprise.

Anonymous said...

Makes one wonder if the fire that destroyed the Navy ship in San Diego was a "Proof of Concept" op. Would they tell us if it was?

elysianfield said...

C'mon, it ain't that bad. I am sure we have several super-weapons that no one knows about, Donnie and Marie are streaming full seasons on Hulu, and Taco Bell is bringing back the Vegetarian Chalupa (for those vegans who too want diarrhea).

If you do not have a sense of humor, you'd better develop one.

HMS Defiant said...

Vegetarian chelupas are no joking matter! Ick.