Monday, April 1, 2024


 I think it is really amusing that literally everyone knew a certain thing would turn out exactly as it did except those most fanatically devoted to bringing about its obvious demise. Here is the story that announces that the Golden Gate Park funtime at Hippie Hill won't come off because, wait for it....

That's right, all the State Sponsored pot growers and sellers went broke trying to sell pot the only way that the government of California knows. In other words they were undercut and gutted by a marketplace that doesn't admit to and rejects the entire idea of paying taxes of any kind.

You knew that's how it would end too, didn't you?



Trotskys Pick Axe said...

Even dippie hippies know you can buy privately and not get taxed three times.
The glorious peoples republic of Illinois taxes by THC content and the higher it is the larger the tax rate.
A sibling with cancer uses it in a liquid oil format for therapy and there is some high as well.
He says that CCP crap coming out of OK is bunk, rushed along with no quality control.
The comrades are great at burning it all down and not much else.

Anonymous said...

Only the government could lose money selling dope.