Monday, April 22, 2024


 As I watch PBS Weekend News tonight I am struck by the NATO defense ministers all clustered around a picture of Saint Volodymyr and regaling him with stories about how NATO is leaping to defend Ukraine against the toothless tiger that Putin isn't. NATO fakir Stoltenberg is declaring how enthusiastic all of Germany is to stand united with Ukraine and is talking about sending one Patriot battery. I'm not clear if they mean the 24 volt DC battery or maybe a missile named Patriot or possibly some vehicles and radars but no missiles. These are diplomats and they are all trained and experienced liars so they could be doing something else. Nothing is ever clear.

What I never see from these champions of Totalitarian European Governments everywhere is any sign at all that they have a path to victory. I think if they had one that they'd at least try to share it with the people who are paying good money to force more killing and dying in the mud in Ukraine. Just how does Ukraine endeavor to persevere after being choked harder than Jeffrey Epstein in his jail cell?* 

The last time we confronted the Russians in a belligerent mood we had a massive Air Force, Army and Navy and most of our major cities in the United States had Nike/Hercules Anti-Aircraft missile batteries all around them. You can still see them in some places like Angel Island, Tennessee Valley. They were everywhere. Where are they now as we embrace war again? Are they all in Europe and Ukraine or did we leave a few spares in Saudi Arabia to defend Aramco?

*A wonderful phrase I picked up recently watching Hardthrasher's video on youtube about the Me-262


Dan said...

The Nike batteries were to defend against Soviet aircraft. The perfection of ICBM's quickly made such weapons outdated. Even now there's no guaranteed way to intercept a warhead from an actual ICBM...not a medium range missile but the big boys that go halfway round the world.
No country currently has the means to attack the CONUS directly without using an ICBM. That may change but at the moment that's the current status quo. This of course does not mean they can't go asymmetrical with all the invaders the left has invited in. But direct military action against us would, at this moment, require the big missiles. Our opponents, especially the Chinese actually don't want to destroy the USA. They want to eliminate Americans so they can inhabit the country and enjoy it's wealth. Nuking us would only happen if things get out of hand. Which could easily happen with the idiot amateurs in charge.

Michael said...

Dan again for forgot to read the comments of other posters.

SNIP: Dan have you forgotten the literally millions of military age men that OUR GOVERNMENT is giving cellphones,tickets and prepaid credit cards to?

We are PAYING for inside CONUS WEAPONS of mass destruction.

Or do you think the illegals are just here to vote Democrat and mow your lawn, Dan?

No Problem for Dan, he'll not read nor respond to this bit of BAD NEWS. Keep playing first person video games Xray tech. You can always hit re-set and start over there.

Not so much when the grid is being shot up and truckers cannot deliver anything.

Michael said...

Sorry Dan, you DID make a small mention of asymmetrical warfare on my second reading.

My bad.

So just how long will it take for concerted effort in all 50 states to reduce us into chaos and full-on military-social-economic failure?

I predict a week or so given how much emergency generator fuel Ft Bragg had when I was there, and we learned that from a semi-truck smashing just one grid yard.

Just the malfunction of the EBT cards in a few states for less than a day or so was instructive to how WEAK our sociality is today.

HMS Defiant said...

Dan, the beautiful thing is to consider how many of those orbiting satellites are really orbital bombardment systems? There is no distinctive flash of a missile launch that SIBRS is going to detect. Nope, there's just a sudden explosion and EMP damage that basically wipes out all electronics and the grid. For all that we boasted about breeding initiative into our military at every level, the C4I monopoly held sway and spent billions developing and fielding C4I systems to control every single bit of military maneuver and employment and without those nodes, nothing much is going to happen.
Can you believe that there are serious people who believe that there are no nuclear weapons in orbit?

Dan said...

While it's possible that their might be nukes in orbit they would be of limited use due to the fact that they aren't geostationary. They are constantly moving so they are only over a target for a few minutes every couple of hours depending on their altitude. Not saying they aren't a possibility but a bigger threat would be from subs. Those missiles have a very short duration flight meaning very little warning. A "decapitation" strike could paralyze America....if we still had a functioning government. Which we no longer have. In reality once the canned sunshine gets used everything else becomes academic because civilization will come to a quick end. Such a war may be intended to be limited...but that simply won't happen. If humanity is too stupid to never use nukes we are too stupid to limit their use. Almost everyone who experienced Total World War has now passed on. And since we are a clever species, not an intelligent one this lesson will have to be relearned the hard way.

HMS Defiant said...

North America hasn't seen total war since the Indian Wars and nobody on this continent appreciates what it means. WRT FOBS, they can be targeted on anything along or near their orbital track and that is most of the earth, and certainly our little part of it.
Yep, was just reading up on Phil Sheridan and the end of the Indian Wars.