Sunday, April 21, 2024


 The House caved and voted to support spending another 100 Billion $ that we don't have to fund the imperial wars in Europe and the Middle East. It's not really a surprise.  As usual, this was an interesting update and from there, this 'explanation'.

The problem boils down to the simple fact that America's heart is not in any of these wars. Nobody cares which means that we are simply drawing out the agony for people who really do wish that the war would end. This applies much more to Ukraine then to the 100% terrorist population of Gaza but even there the necessity to fund Israelis to exterminate terrorists is not a winning proposition and will never end successfully because one thing we can guarantee is that without US support and commitment neither side will finish off the other and that in the end is what is going to bring it to an end. 

To try to pitch the supplemental as somehow replacing war stocks in the US is stupidity. That was what all the trillions of $ in Cost of War supplementals that were off-budget for all 20 years of our imperial adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan was supposed to do and what it should have done but it was all stolen, misappropriated, wasted, lost or embezzled.

There is no sense of commitment at any level for any of these adventures which means we should really do more than question why we continue to support them with the feeble funding that we screw out of the taxpayers. It would be different seeming if we just told the Fed to print off another 100 billion $ and sent the defense contractors pallets of cash like we sent our friends-the fiends who run Iran. Can you imagine any American bank accepting pallet loads of cash deposits without quibble?

For all I know though, quibble is an extremely rare delicacy and essential to keeping bankers alive after the bathing in the blood of virgins no longer works to keep them young or even vaguely humanoid.

The saddest line in the supplemental was about dry docks and the Defense Industrial Base. The reason that so many of our ships are welded to the piers and why so few submarines are being built and repaired boils down to the lack of skilled and qualified workmen who know how to build warships. That's how low we have gone. Now all our shipyards work like NASCO or Todd Shipyard or Southwest Marine which is to say extremely poorly and badly.

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Michael said...

Repair and refit. Decades to build up skillsets and teamwork. And now after decades of grift and "downsizing" GONE. You cannot as we did in WW2 crash course off the street Vapers-Video Gamers into machinists. They lack due to our "Awesome" Education system basic math and work ethic.

Your so right about dock queens, I was visiting friends in Washington State last year and Bremerton has plenty of dock queens that have been there for years.

In the Ground Forces department, we cannot build tanks and such anymore. Disposed of the personnel (retirement mostly) and forges that make those castings. We can barely refit a few M1 Abrhams yearly to upgrades.

MAYBE we can BUY Chinese armor, eh?

What did Lenin (I think) said about Capitalists selling the rope they use to hang us?

Off shoring industry and sending kids off to reeducation camps AKA "Public Schools" were "FURRIES" can bite and bark at them as done SO MUCH GOOD...

We CAN Print (really computer entries) BILLIONS, but can we actually make anything useful anymore? Aside from non-vaxx and sex change hormones?