Tuesday, April 16, 2024


 As I look around the world tonight I see a number of countries are now basically involved in overt warfare with neighbors or other countries they truly hate and despise. This has happened before and likely always will but I wonder if there is some sort of mystical tipping point where when the number of countries exceeds the X do other countries feel free to get all bellicose too and attack their neighbors or the allies? 

You have to admit that based on press reports many of the countries in Europe have gone barking mad and all in a froth to attack/wage war on Russia and the thing I wonder about is, Why? More than that, what do they plan to use in this attack on the petrol station with a burger joint? The diplomats (if one can refer to the idiotic fascist morons like Verhofstadt as a diplomat) are thoroughly enraged and demand that others immediately suffer and die until he is happy. He wants Europe=NATO to attack Russia. Various idiots in the rest of greatly expanded and much less useful NATO also want to carve up Putin and don't seem to be aware that he is the one holding the knife while they're just holding bags of hot air.

It's interesting in that South and Central America are flickering on the point of collapse of civilization as they know it. Brazil is back in the hands of the lunatic left, Venezuela is a mad dog and is either at war or just winding one up that no one has ever heard of when they elected to try to slice off the oily part of Guyana and it is only a matter of time until a coup topples Milei in Argentina. Oligarchs never like the likes of that guy and they figure they screwed up massively when they followed Peron and don't want to do that again even if it leads to a Chavez moment in Buenos Aires.

At home we have an enormous collection of dedicated fools and jackasses who want to fight China. I have yet to hear even one single reason why we should provoke China over any little thing and to be honest, there is no major thing out their that is soiling our relations. Nobody in America really cares about the South China Sea and by that I mean NOBODY CARES AT ALL.

As I've written before, I'd be a little more concerned if any of the warmongers actually had any kind of military legs to stand on but the only remaining powers are the rational ones acting in their own rational best interests. The odd man out may be Israel but I don't know enough about that but I will speculate,

there is a field of study that very carefully looks at trends and projects them into the future. One of the trends that affects the state of Israel is all too easy to project and it isn't pretty. Yes they got the neighbors all calmed down and the divisions between the shiite, sunni and the outright nationalists like Egypt have limited the scale of the conflict in recent decades the trend for induced war from far away has been accelerating without letup and shows every sign of doom. You saw the Iranian overt attack and now you know, if they had the capability to drop a weapon of mass destruction on Israel they wouldn't hesitate for a moment.

You see, they were once a pariah and then they got something incredibly damaging on the people that run the Democratic Party and they started to reenter the fold but then the West threw them an incredible bone and jacked up Russia and China to the point that they decided to go all-in to destroy the existing Bretton-Woods World Order and Iran was one of the first to join them. 

Now Iran has an air defense system that doesn't just rival America's, it exceeds it by dozens of orders of magnitude. There is nothing at all between any enemy missile or drone and any American city except vaporware. 

What changed in the world since 2013 that has a significance that nobody even knows about because they don't understand it? A private company relaunched the space age and anything that can put a payload into orbit can put a warhead anywhere on the planet in 30 minutes.  You better hope they don't share their technology or know-how with anyone.

It's time to consider that the old ABM treaties are dead as doornails and ponder what if anything we can do to provide missile defenses in America.


Dan said...

Fortunately for the US Iran and other such minded murderers don't possess weapons that can reach across the ocean to the CONUS...yet. And you can bet the farm part of the purpose behind the weekend fireworks was to give Iran intel on how to breach Israeli air defenses so they CAN put a nuke on target when they decide to do so. Which is probably not that far off into the future.

Anonymous said...

I am reminded of Hitler in his bunker raging orders to destroyed units to DO SOMETHING as his Reich fell apart.

Hitler was surrounded by hand picked "Yes Men" who would never tell him the harsh reality.

So it is in the current warmongers Echo Chamber.

Does the sane chop off the main energy of industry, sanctions and other wise destroy their Allies economy to "Punish Putin ". Looking at our "Greenies and the bombing of the Russians gas pipeline.

Whom the gods destroy they first make mad.

Protect your trusted friends and trusted family, real trouble is near.

Anonymous said...

Dan have you forgotten the literally millions of military age men that OUR GOVERNMENT is giving cellphones,tickets and prepaid credit cards to?

We are PAYING for inside CONUS WEAPONS of mass destruction.

Or do you think the illegals are just here to vote Democrat and mow your lawn,Dan?

Anonymous said...

The unfortunate reality - “for the common man”™️, is that “The Powers That Be” face an existential threat.
All of this behavior is explained by rational irrationality: the raped, at every ideological and socioeconomic level will be destroyed by the rapists if the current situation goes on for to much longer and vice versa so every side is going all in - everyone involved has everything to lose.