Tuesday, November 7, 2023


 Israel is attacked by terrorists on a massive and murderous scale and,

It is really very difficult to actually put words on paper and write something that people would find unbelievable about the vicious scumbags that run our government and all of our bureaucracies. Here we have a nation attacked by terrorists and the vicious State Department scumbags demand that no weapons we furnish to fight off terrorists should be furnished or made available to the people defending against terrorists.

On the other hand, I'm so inured to government lying about everything that for just an instant I don't know why the Israeli officials didn't simply assure the nice State Department vicious scum that 'of course none of these weapons would be allowed for that purpose! honest!' You know, sort of like every single ATF and FBI and Police scam that ends in tears because they sold weapons and explosives to 'bad' guys.

It has been clear for decades that the people running our government and the media (and they are the same exact people) think that the bulk of our citizens are low grade morons and by dint of serious hard work; hiring only the very stupidest, most venal and corrupt and most progressive teachers and professors for the last 50 years, they have achieved their desired end state.

The Babylon Bee has to work very hard to come up with any fake story or fake headline that doesn't look just like it was ripped from today's news.


Anonymous said...

If this is real and not just satire, I recommend that FJB shut his mouth about other countries and what rights their citizens have. He's a total failure here, so he ought to hesitate to export his failure somewhere else.

Or at least why doesn't he criticize Gaza about gun control? By his philosophy, that would solve everything.

Marco the Lab said...

Marco would always rather hunt in a pack than going lone wolf. And that's exactly what the gun controllers fear. Israelis living near the edges forming vigilante pack doing what the powers to be won't which is community protection of their families.