Tuesday, November 14, 2023


 I see from my study of the media and close inspection of lifelong leftists that they still see nothing at all wrong with racism, intolerance, bigotry, evil and stupidity and they are 100% onboard with lying, disdainful and inept civil servants who abuse both the people and the law all so long as it is for any cause any leftist ever supported. In short, they are exactly the kind of people who can watch terrorists literally hunt down and kill children in their homes and feel sympathy for the terrorists who were driven to do it by the actions of some people they don't like.

I see others on the right who believe that the actions of 9/22 and 20/7 were a "wake-up" call for the lefties who still worship Che and think Hugo Chavez was the Savior of Venezuela and who support everything any communist ever did as simply a reaction to racism, oppression, slavery, mean tweets, etc.

I didn't think I'd become so cynical but there you have it. This is also an admission that the so-called religion of peace (take your pick, it's a title they all claim and none honor) doesn't really believe in turning the other cheek. Everyone is gloriously familiar with what happens when you do that. That's right, a gang of youths stomps your head into the ground and kills you.

I wonder what motivates/drives school teachers these days. I don't really think it's the money or the respect they gain from their students and their parents and I don't understand how the Unions that allegedly represent them keep striking for more money and never ever is a word breathed that perhaps its time to cull the 10% of out of control violent and vicious thugs from the school rolls and send them to a place where they can do no harm like New York or San Francisco which treasures and cherishes the 'misunderstood' and 'under-privileged.' 

Srsly, if I was a teacher I'd have a few non-negotiable demands before I step foot into a school. I go armed to the teeth. Anyone who gets violent in class gets expelled-never to return and anyone too stupid to sit still and pass a written test gets a do-over just one time and then gets introduced to the wild and banished from school. I don't care if they get handed a diploma on the way out since diplomas are pretty much just as worthless as an illiterate thug.

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tsquared said...

My 88 year old mother and my wife were educators. They taught children to think and strive to learn as much as possible to maximize their potential. My wife was an elementary teacher that taught mostly 3rd and 4th grade. Multiple times over the past 25 years a notice of one of her students passing the Bar, completing residency, and even being accepted into the Astronaut program at NASA have arrived at the house. This type of teacher is rare.

My sister saw education as an easy college degree that once you got past the first three years teaching and had tenure it was near impossible to get fired unless you did something stupid. She floated along on that premise until the rules changed. During her 29th year she saw that she was going to be stripped of her teaching corticate over the summer. She bought out her last year and retired before that could happen. She had no business in education. She dislikes children so much she has nothing to do with her grandchildren.