Monday, November 20, 2023


 It escapes just about everyone in America that nations/states don't have friends, they have interests. I keep seeing things like this:

Where and when did Ukraine ever demonstrate that it was our friend? When did Israel? Jimmy Carter got the peace at Camp David but it was not a peace between friends and it wasn't a real peace. It was more of a cease-fire and acknowledgement by both Sadat and Begin that war between Egypt and Israel over something as barren and worthless as PLO terrorists and their enablers in Gaza and the West Bank was a waste of resources and money and there was Carter to sweeten the deal and offer enormous amounts of money every year forever to both Israel and Egypt simply for signing on the dotted line and not warring anymore against each other. 

He even threw in a truly pointless biannual military exercise called Bright Star where a few hundred marines and 3rd Army elements take part with a bomber or two in a month long thoroughly scripted exercise that demonstrates interoperability or something between a force that fights for about 2.5 hours/day except Fridays and Saturdays and one that has nothing better to do and happens to be in the area. (USMC).

As I sit here in the dark, I cast my mind back and wonder what 'friendship' did Israel ever extend to the United States of America or even Americans in general? They pretty thoroughly poisoned the well with the USN when they deliberately attacked and re-attacked USS Liberty. The link takes you to the US Naval Institute history of the attack and aftermath. I am wracking my brain to think of any 'friendly' advances from our friends in Israel over the last 50 or 60 years and coming up blank. 

USS Liberty shot to pieces by Israeli Air Force and Navy

The Israel I remember had a towering reputation as a military power but it is important to remember who they were fighting against. They have first rate scientists but I can't recall any defense technology transfers that originated in Israel with them sharing or even selling high technology with the USA. They had an international reputation for ruthless and efficient spying but they also get caught a lot spying on the United States.

The liars who work in the media are now reporting that "some people" in the "administration" are urging the Israelis to speed up their dismemberment of hamas but I take that with a grain of salt. The "people" the press are talking about are the ones that had no trouble at all fully supporting and backing 20 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the very thought of any of those idiots urging the Israelis to hurry up and stick their generative organs into the hamas meat grinder is simply laughable and even more laughable that any military commander or even a political leader in Israel would consider the notion.

On the gripping hand, the leadership of the fickle is often very fickle and does things defying belief. I don't think anybody foresaw the man they knew as Ariel Sharon simply giving away all of Gaza lock stock and barrel. The arabs screwed that up as expected, elected hamas to rule them, exterminated PLO Fatah in Gaza and then got down to some serious digging and terrorism.

I get some amusement about all the usual alarmed TV talking heads chanting in lockstep now about genocide of palestinians but there doesn't appear to be any shortage of them and every TV cast now includes the fabricated death toll released by hamas that indicates to the ignorant that Gaza is almost entirely peopled by just women and children and contains only hospitals and schools. I suppose if one hopes for demonstrated incompetence it is better to keep it to things like genocide not like the ruthlessly competent Turks and Germans who know how to execute a good solid genocide at the drop of a hat.

I don't take Foreign Policy or read it anymore but I do wonder where the current version of Bretton Woods is going on and just who is there trying to set the stage for post-American hegemony. The gold standard is long gone, the national debts are astronomical and unrepayable, the ethnic jihad is just starting in Europe and will lead to unexpectedly severe friction in just a short while as the Europeans realize just what they did to themselves and the global south is a complete disaster (unchanged since any time in recorded history).

And finally, the United States and EU shattered the world that was created by the Bretton Woods Agreement when they fucked with Russia and Putin to the point where he picked up all of Russia's marbles and left the game to start his own with like-minded, sick of fuckwit American imbeciles ruining everything and created an alternative system that includes Russia, China, India, Brazil and the rest of the BRICS. Read it and weep.


Dan said...

Flynn spent virtually his entire career in Military Intelligence...the classic oxymoron... a chairborne ranger. His knowledge of war is at best second hand. He never "saw the elephant". He's not the worst man to come out of the army but certainly not among the best.

Anonymous said...

Flynn is 3 years older than me and we were both too young for Vietnam and, happily, the Army didn’t do much after Vietnam until Desert Storm by which point Flynn and I were O4s and so I can’t fault him for his service. You only get to fight when the country goes to war. OTOH, all that study of war really does reinforce the understanding of the pointless futility of almost all wars not fought for national survival. We agree that all our current stupid policies in Ukraine and everywhere else need adult supervision.

Trumpeter said...

Hamas is the creation of Israel. It was preferred to the PLO because Israel thought they could control Hamas by controlling the money.

Mind your own business said...

Where Hamas came from is irrelevant naval-gazing.

Those people would just as soon cut our heads off and murder our women and children, given the chance. Israel is just fighting the types of people we will end up needing to fight if we can't get control of our borders. They are doing us a big favor.