Friday, April 1, 2022


I joined the service in 79. It was the end of the post-Vietnam collapse. We were starting the rebound at about that time. I joined a Navy that didn't really suffer the outrageous misfortunes the Army and Marines were subject to but the Navy of the early and mid-70s was such that as a midshipman on my first class cruise on USS Connole, I was told not to investigate too deeply the strange smells coming out of various dark places nor visit the fantail after dark. Of course, that was the cruise wehre the CO called us up on the Bridge and asked us to send a Master-at-Arms to the fan room that supplied his at-sea cabin with air and arrest the idiot smoking dope after midnight.
We are back at what passes for peace now. That means that all the dolts, idiots, morons and dismal shower of shit are once again given full free rein over the Forces. It will show in the recruiting, basic training, assignments, and promotions. We will once again promote the kind of imbecile that led the war in Yugoslavia and tried to bring about the 3rd World War early by shooting at some unwanted Russians he didn't like. Fortunately, the British commander declined the honor.

I'm trying to picture the new DI's at the various Boot Camps trying to indoctrinate the current generation into the mystique of actual warfare and killing on demand. It was probably easy with the guys training the recruits to kill taliban after 9/11 but that was a lifetime ago.

Sadly, the War will be on us far sooner than we expect.


ruralcounsel said...

When I signed up in 1981, the Navy asked me if I'd ever smoked marijuana. I told them the truth that I had experimented with it. They had me swear an oath that I would never do it again, before they sent me off to Pensacola NAS for AOCS. I've kept that oath.

OldAFSarge said...

Went in in '75, the aroma of a certain weed was prevalent in many places. At least the airmen were smart enough to not do it in the barracks. (On the roof, in the courtyard, in the parking lot, but not in the barracks proper.)

I didn't see the sort of problems the other services did, but they were there.

The End Times may indeed be upon us.

Roy said...

I went in in 72. At the end of STG A school, I had orders to the USS Connole (DE 1056 at that time.) However, I had volunteered for submarine service so my orders to Connole were cancelled and I was instead sent across the hall to STS A school instead.

HMS Defiant said...

I was originally supposed to go to New Jersey and learn to jump out of airplanes. The Falklands bit ruined that part of my forward planning. Probably for the best. I really hate the forward leaning rest position and I'm sure they would have struggled to improve my attitude by granting me the favor of taking the position endlessly.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

A war we may very well lose.