Thursday, April 28, 2022


I really don't know what they're fighting about in Ukraine but now we are in it up to our eyeballs. Kind of Vietnamish. It's a harsh cruel world and one that I almost hope will get crueler to the thugs operating outside the warzone. The ones that are feeding the Ukrainians hundreds of billions of dollars of free weapons they can use to kill Russians. The Russians in Ukraine didn't really do anything off book but the retaliation is going to be epic.

The stupid fucksticks in Washington and in Europe's capital cities don't realize it but they have declared war on Russia and Russia is well within the margin of error for retaliating in kind and the stupid dumb motherfuckers in the West don't seem to realize it.

I read ALL the books and readings for the War College Strategy and Policy course and found them deeply illuminating. The one thing that resonated with me and I wish I'd kept my files was that every war since 1900 came about for one single solitary reason: The Stupid Motherfuckers Thought They Could Get Away With It.

Half a million dead Ukrainians and every swinging dick in Europe is fanatically sending weapons to Ukraine for the sole single purpose of killing Russians WHO AREN'T AT WAR WITH THEM. Our idiot just went on air to publish his INTENT to KILL RUSSIANS.

They better hope Putin isn't the madman they portray him to be. I expect the megaton range weapons to be unleashed soon. If you care enough, check out the SIOP and plan. This won't follow the SIOP's plan at all but it's starting to look a lot like 1914 where once the Mobilizations started each country HAD to Mobilize and throw their armed forces to the front. Once that happened WWI was inevitable. I would hope that the SIOP has been revised for accidental war so we don't go into a full global nuclear war exchange. I'd expect about 4% of Russia's missiles to leave the silo and no more than about 32% of ours to leave the silos. I'd be surprised if 5% of ours left the silos.

Srsly, pushing a nuclear armed enemy into the corner and leaving him nothing to lose? WHAT KIND OF MORONS DO THAT?


Dan said...

The criminals in power pushing for war NEED a war. They've bankrupted America. They stole an election in the crime of the century and are orchestrating mass starvation and economic collapse. Without war they run the very real chance of being strung up en masse by the howling mobs out for blood when they get hungry.

boron said...

We declared war on Russia back about a month and a half ago, around 3 March.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

I am glad I am not the only one who can see 1914.

HMS Defiant said...

keep in mind we were once very very good at keeping it together and the Russians weren't. There is a chance that most of the missiles won't actually leave the silos, most of the bombs won't work and that maybe, with God's help the germ warfare labs killed themselves first.