Thursday, April 21, 2022


A lot of what we see in the media about the Russian Army is NATO driven and it seems that the press is entirely shaped around what europe's NATO general staff wallahs are barking. Let's be honest, from their viewpoint the wheels came off the Russian attack on day 20 when the Russians obviously ran out of everything...............because that's about 3 more days of fight than NATO in Europe has in it. That's righr. NATO couldn't scrape up a real tank division or Brigade Combat Team if their very lives depended on it. They couldn't fly their air force meaningfully after day 3 of a conflict since they'd be out of missiles, ammo, bombs, and drop tanks. NATO prognosticators keep projecting their idiot selves on Russia. Let's make something clear here. Russia has not disposed of a single battlefield weapon or ammunition since 1945. Like me, they view the best and only way to expend ammo is fired down the barrel. They have obsolete everything but you know what? 8000 Styx missiles will easily absorb the concentrated fire of every air defense ship we have and then the Russians will fire the really scary missiles.

NATO shot its entire collective wad at Libya when they went rogue and tried to off Qadaffi and then, 3 days later turned to the US, all of them, and pleaded for more missiles and bombs to finish off the perp. Hillary was happy to oblige.

NATO doesn't have transports, tank transporters, helicopters, attack helicopters, fuel bowsers, tanks, IFV, APC or any kind of meaningful air defense. WE do. We just don't locate all that much of it in Europe anymore.

Western Europe is waging direct war on Russia.

And Russia knows it. And bitterly resents it and knows that the West is waging quiet war on them.

How does that play out? I'll tell you. Russia is now going to wage quiet war against the West. I wouldn't get on a plane overflying Europe now for any amount of money. RUSSIA NOW HAS NOTHING TO LOSE. The West decided to pants them and now? I think about how the Vikings would react to that.


Dan said...

NATO may be a joke but without nukes Russia is a third rate power....on a good day. Now after wasting much of what little capabilities they had in Ukraine they aren't even third-rate. Sadly the US...while still top dog, isn't much better off.

Trumpeter said...

I have been thinking about those stingers getting loose in Europe. I wonder if a Javelin could hit a train?
What if Putin formed a group of "angry Ukranian nationalists, seeking vengance on NATO & Europe for abandoning them."
Spicy times comming.

HMS Defiant said...

I invite you to the reality. What you know about Russia is a myth. They tried a risky gambit in a 5 sided attack but there is no doubt what they remain. Putin has taken a stand and he isn't backing off at all. He won't do Winter War III with Finalnd but he's making very clear where Russia stands on NATO expansion and no, there was never any doubt at all where Russia and Finland stand today even without Mannerheim.

HMS Defiant said...

You know, it might be said that we created "State Sponsored Terrorism" Me? I blame Iran but it still holds that to make an enemy of any powerful nation/state is to invite terror. Look at Ireland if you don't believe what hate can do.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Hate is a staggeringly powerful emotion. It can also feel good to hate. Hate allows you assign the high moral ground to yourself solely. Observe how well the Left have done, inciting hate.