Saturday, January 15, 2022


It really bears no resemblance at all to any of the war you think you know. Whenever any politician tells you that advocacy for war is a real thing, now you know. We don't possess so much as 2% of this in our armed forces today. People (democrats) think it's all still there. I served on 7 ships. Not one is still extant. They were all destroyed long ago.
I don't actually think we have that huge ignornant dumb as dog shit populace who still think somehow war is the answer. OK, I do. They don't insist so much that we advocate and then go and fight civilizational battles and wars as we did when we ended Japan and Germany. I think they're too ignorant. I can't blame them. You have to read extensively to see where the next war that is going to blindside the living shit out of is coming from. The sad thing is that war is generated by the dog shit ignorant people. Always. They think they can 'get away with it.'

I have news for you. It's coming from there. You just don't see it coming.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

I agree. The people that run things are going to find that appeasement does not work, and just because they think in certain ways, that everyone thinks that way.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

GEARINGS and ALLEN M SUMNERs were just six gun FLETCHER variants. Can you see us ever ordering DDs 400 at a time?
We stopped building CVEs at USS TINIAN, CVE-123, add on 9 INDEPENDENCE CLs, 14 ESSSEX Class CVs, USS SARATOGA, USS ENERPRISE, and the three MIDWAYs, and in September 1945, we had 154 carriers, admittedly most being CVEs being used as aircraft transports to keep the SeaBee built airfields, and the Fleet carriers stocked with planes.

Now, in an equally dangerous world, we have 12. Since BURKEs are really CLAAs, like ATLANTAs, the US Navy at this time, does not own a single destroyer. But we sure have LCSes! I even had a guy on Salamamnder's site try and convince me that an LCS could defeat the Big Badger Boat!

I feel betrayed.

p2 said...

It’s not just the Navy. Every AFB I’ve lived on or been stationed at, except for 3, are closed. Most are dismantled as well. Of the 3 still operating, only 1 has a combat role; the other 2 are training bases. We’re talking 4 decades time, 4 countries and half a dozen states.