Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Those poor bastards never get a break from the great powers who use them and drop them like a hot skillet when our will has triumphed. We used to joke about them at NAVCENT because they only reach a common interest when they agree to kill other Kurds. It really doesn't make for a rational system of government. You might as well have ladies handing swords out of ponds.

I write that as someone who greatly prefers Kurds to arabs. I hate to say it but someday, they will have their Ataturk. I don't think it is likely. I remember the stuff I read about shah massoud two decades ago who was murdered by al queda  operatives pretending to be a French TV news crew there to interview him two days before 9/11 when they revealed themselves to those ignorant  in the West. He was the Lion of the North and al queda still managed to kill him in his kingdom.

The Turks or Syrians or Iraqis will always be there to kill the Washington of the Kurds.

I know, we seldom think about him, but consider and read about him. He was like Franklin and Jefferson, a man out of time. The first President might have pulled off the dissolution of the British Empire but nobody knows his name. Jefferson or Franklin could not although they tugged quite thoroughly on superman's cape. Somehow, they knew his name. It's when you read history you recognize what shallow creatures our politicians are today.

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