Wednesday, September 11, 2019


I'm a little bit like those old guys who I suspect hang out somewhere or other. It isn't the VFW or American Legion because I've been there and the bartenders, cannons and M60 tanks tended to outnumber the vets. OTOH, I'm now an older vet so maybe I should have another look. I would like to thank the guys that fought in Afghanistan and Iraq and the hidden wars and let them buy me some beers while I regale them with stories about the 'old days.' :)

I did like this and needed to catch it before it flew over my head. I don't think it's real but I'd love it if it is.
Portions of the Apollo 11 mission are dramatized in the HBO mini-series From the Earth to the Moon episode entitled "Mare Tranquilitatis". In that episode, Michael Collins made the following suggestion as to what Armstrong should say upon stepping onto the lunar surface: "If you had any balls, you'd say 'Oh, my God, what is that thing?' then scream and cut your mic."
Now that would have been epic :)

You'd think at almost my age I'd be a little bit more grown up about this sort of thing. OTGH, I would have done it but then I was only 9 when they did it.


HMS Defiant said...

I should have noted that I stole the video from Daily Timewaster. He has many good things at his place and the various snacks he sometimes pictures for us are not to be sneered at.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

A Lunar Tapir!